SWOT Analysis for BizzArtic

1. Mission and Goals

Why does BizzArtic Exist?
  • It exists to make best Wordpress themes curently available.
Why do I Blog?
  • I blog to extend my potential as WP theme designer and to engage community.

2. List Your Blogs Strengths

What attributes does bizzArtic  have that will help me achieve it's goals?
  • It is a blog with lots of good themes that are freely available to download.
What are you good at as a blogger?
  • I am good at helping people to use WP themes for their needs.
What resources and assets do you have at your disposal?
  • I have good knowledge of developing WP themes and widgets related to them.
What do you do better than anyone else?
  • I develop innovative and usable themes with extensive options.

3. List Your Blog's Weaknesses

What attributes does your blog have that are holding you back from achieving it's goals?
  • It is slow and has fairly small number of readers.
What skills do you not have as a blogger?
  • I am not good at writing stories and don't have the ability to explain myself clearly.
What is ‘broken' on your blog or in your work-flow?
  • I haven't found a way to monetize my work.
What could or should you improve about your blog?
  • I should offer my services for a small fee.
What should you probably avoid in your blogging?
  • I should avoid writing long novels and only give useful themes and tips.
What is distracting you from your goals?
  • Lack of user engagement.

4. List Your Blogs Opportunities

What external things could/are helping you achieve your blog's goals?
  • Wordpress platform, cheap hosting, some spare time from regular job
What trends are their in your blog's niche that you could explore on your blog?
  • Magazine themes, Twitter related widgets, Simple designs
What tools and technologies could you use to improve your blog?
  • SEO tools, Grid framework, Another developer

5. List Your Blog's Threats

What external things could or area hindering you achieving your blog's goals?
  • Free themes from other authors that are o the same level as mines.
What are other blogs in your niche doing that could be hindrance to your own blog's growth?
  • They are offering some nice new themes for small amount of money.

6. Analyze Your Reflections and Generate Strategies

How can you utilize your Strengths?
  • Develop new, simple themes even faster.
How can you bring your Weaknesses to an end?
  • Find faster host, offer my services for small amount of cash, involve my readers in development.
How can you make the most of your Opportunities?
  • Offer more magazine styled themes that are simple, engage sbd else into development and standardise themes framework.
How can you fend off the Threats?
  • Develop themes faster and offer more personalized services for small amount of cash.

7. Plan to Do Something and Do It

  • I will develop themes faster (at least one per month), offer more personalized services for small amount of cash and find faster host till the end of this year as I have a contract with GoDaddy.