Post a Comment and Win a BizzFolio Theme

January 12th, 2010

As I love competitions and the fact that best things in life are free, I’ve decided to give away 10 BizzFolio Standard Packages here at BizzThemes – consider this as a little gift from BizzThemes opening yesterday to our dedicated readers here at BizzArtic.

The Rules

  • Post a comment at this post and give your feedback on or BizzFolio theme itself.
  • Your comment may be positive or negative critique, usability feedback or anything that’s on your mind at the moment
  • Use valid email where I may contact you after competition is over
  • The competition will last until January 17th
  • Winners will be announced at BizzThemes blog so make sure you follow it if you are participating

The Award

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24 Responses to “Post a Comment and Win a BizzFolio Theme”

  1. aziq

    11 years ago

    yeah, a contest.Good luck for you and bizzthemes.

  2. Flavio

    11 years ago

    Yeah, very cool idea.
    Thanks for your themes !
    I’m currently usin Inuit Types, and I’m verry happy with it 🙂

  3. makis

    11 years ago

    thanks for the contest.

  4. @nonimo

    11 years ago

    This is an awesome Web-site; there are several beautiful themes you can’t miss.

    I hope to win and thanks!

  5. Martin P

    11 years ago

    Using your berita theme on our site right now (still lots of stuff to do for us…).
    I’ve watched all your video tuts about the new BizzFolio theme and I am pretty impressed by the features and SEO tweaks you implemented.

    Keep up the good work and best wishes for BizzThemes 😀

    • Željan Topić

      11 years ago

      I like Berita as well, however compared to BizzFolio it’s nothing special really 😉

  6. Amisant

    11 years ago

    I was waiting for your work. Excellent! I’ll promote on my weblog.

    • Željan Topić

      11 years ago

      I see you’re the man of your words – tnx 😉

  7. Jeff

    11 years ago

    Great site!

    Can’t wait for more themes.

  8. Nice from Thailand

    11 years ago

    ็- I love portfolio bits
    How does “Author” and “Detail” work? the blogger must put the info in custom field?

    – in the blog page, the arrow before post date and tags is a bit too big, imo
    – is there right-sidebar alternative?
    – I love how it is clean and well-organized

    • Željan Topić

      11 years ago

      Author and Detail are custom buttons that work with custom fields, so you may name it however you like and use 0, 1 or two buttons at a time.
      I made a big arrow but it’s optional to use it, editing module hooks is so easy you’ll be able to find right line of code in no time.
      Yup, sidebar has left and right hand option
      Tnx for kind remarks 😉

  9. SuperMario290

    11 years ago

    Man I’m pretty stoked to see the website and all of the themes up! I really like the clean, organized look of the Bizzfolio theme. I like all of the SEO tweaks that you’ve used on the theme, plus it looks like it’s easy to customize for all of us “custom freaks” out here. Great job on it, can’t wait to see more themes come out! 🙂

  10. Ivan Mišić

    11 years ago

    U allways make nice and clean templates

  11. Martin

    11 years ago

    Good luck with selling future promisses. 😉

    Looking into gallery and seeing only one theme… Maybe you should add some more quickly to attract more people.

    To me it looks like a good idea.

    Btw. your RSS feed over there sometimes fails to load.

  12. Newly

    11 years ago

    Since a few months I´m looking for new Themes with comfortable addons. It seems that I´ve found at least one of yours. I´ll give it a try…

    All your activities look very professional – so do your themes with their astonishing options!

    Your new platform is well done too – especially with the videos, because they make it easier to understand the implemented functions.

    Well done, keep up the good work – and all the best for your business! 🙂

  13. idntt

    11 years ago

    Excellent theme, I like how BizzThemes is shaping up. May I suggest to change the details/author buttons so that they only appear when the mouse pointer is hovered over the pictures. This will provide an unobstructed view of the portfolio screenshots.

    Best wishes.

  14. Sandy

    11 years ago

    Hi there — I downloaded your berita theme a while back as I am getting ready toset up a second site and wanted a stylish looking one, which Berita is!

    Now i’m glad I waited because this new one looks even better. The controls look very easy to use and the design is great looking. I would love to win it!

    (And if I do, I would like to help you edit a couple of little things on your site so that no one will ever suspect that English isn’t your first language! Although your English is very good — there are just a couple of little things! I used to be an ESL teacher, teaching English to adults from other countries.)
    Sandy from Florida, USA

    • Željan Topić

      11 years ago

      I’m eager to take your offer – my native language is not english so I’m aware there’s a lot of room for improvement here 😉

  15. Thank’s for your beautiful work’s ! I use one of your great theme on my blog. I like administrativ’system. It’s easy to personalise it.. Thank’s very much and have au good year and a goo health for 2010 !

  16. kotos

    11 years ago

    Nice work. I use now your berita theme. cood luck. And stay your theme at high level

  17. Didier

    11 years ago

    Search for a WP theme for a family website > why not bizzfolio… Hello from Belgium.

  18. Septian

    11 years ago

    Hi Željan…In my Opinion BizzFolio is already perfect…
    Just one suggestion, I think post title (I mean “24/7 Support Available” ) Should click
    able….it’s more user friendly…

  19. Željan Topić

    11 years ago

    Winners announced: Congratulations to all winners and big thanks to other participants 😉