Common Issues (FAQ)

FAQs will be updated regularly through your questions from issues you may encounter.

Experts say that FAQ section is the most stupid one and that nobody reads it. Some even say that insults users mind, I partialy agree, but even though I think it has to be here, because this is a serious website with aim to serve people,…so even if FAQs add just a bit to site usability it is enough to be here. Read on below:

Can you take a Look at my blog/website and review it?

No problem, but have to say it will probably cost you to get a professional review. Unfortunately I do not do quick free reviews due to a lack of time and I think there is no such thing as quick review,…if it is done it has to be with aim to best serve the customer.
You can find out more in Tips-for-Tips section.

How much do you charge for your tips/services?

Prices are actually quite difficult to determine because every project is different, and requires a different amount of resources to complete. So, the most-asked question is also the most difficult to answer. Before we get to numbers though, consider that the following variables can greatly affect cost: number of concept roughs, number of revisions, number of templates required, amount of consulting required, number and complexity of custom functions, and timeline. (Text used from The blog studio)

Here are some estimates, the highlight is on estimates:

* Rate per hour [ 80$ to 250$+]
* Blog design [ 1,500$ to 6,000$+]
* Small business site [ 2000$ to 8,000$+]
* Designing Identity [100$ to 400$+]
* CMS development [4,000$ to 10,000$+]
* Consulting & Reviews [500$ to 8,000$+]
* Instant Problem Solving [100$ to 20,000$+]
* more…

Can I leave a link to my own blog when I post a comment?

If your comment is only a link, or says something like ‘nice post – here is my blog’ etc it will be treated as comment spam. The best thing you can do is to keep your comments usable, engaging and on topic and you won’t have a problem. You can also have your nick name used as a link to your website/blog so there is no need to add additional links. (Text used from Problogger)

Can I reproduce your articles and show them on my website/blog?

We do not permit other websites to copy our articles without paying a license fee. If you are interested in referring your readers to one or more of blog articles, then simply use a hypertext link to the original article. We are committed to fighting linkrot, the URL will always remain the same (at least as long as URLs are supported on the Internet, which we expect to be for a very long time). Thus, you can safely link to any of our articles.

Rights to copy articles onto your own site are available for a license fee of $100 per article (no links within articles included). (Text used from

How do I keep track of bizzArtic posts?

For me it is best if you just jump in and visit my website, but there is also an option to get post via RSS feeds. To do that you will probably need a news aggregator like bloglines or google reader to read it.

What’s the point of becoming a registered bizzArtic member?

Currently there is not much point at all, you are registered mainly because I want to keep my site user friendly,…so if you are a registered user, you gain access to all sections of bizzArtic website, non-registered users for instance can’t vote, get more involved in community activities ect., and because there are always pearls out there that like to hurt others.

What ‘bizzArtic’ actually means?

Name ‘bizzArtic’ came up from nowhere, but there is little behind it. ‘Bizz’ naturally stands for business and ‘Artic’ for Articles so Business Articles it is. I also think word formation made it look nice.


Safety Tips

Protect Your Identity, Keep It Secret

If you do post any kind of public content (comments, images,…), make sure there isn’t anything in them that could help a stranger figure out who you are or where you live. Personal information like your telephone or even bank account number and also home address should NEVER be shared with other users. There are people out there that will try to exploit you so protect yourself and be careful what information you are sharing with others.

Remember, nobody from bizzArtic will never ask you for your password, email address, or other account information. Don’t be fooled if someone contacts you pretending to be from bizzArtic! (Text used from YouTube)

Keep Yourself Cool, Add Value to bizzArtic

Whether it’s a flame war, cyberbullying, or people being just plain mean, comments can get pretty rough sometimes. If someone leaves a comment that is mean or bothers you, you can always report it through our Feedback Form, still, we will try to limit spammers as much as possible.

BizzArtic doesn’t allow any kind of nudity, graphic violence or hate content. If you come across content like this, submit the Feedback Form to report it to bizzArtic. (Text used from YouTube)

Use your brains

Firstly, bizzArtic is NOT for people under the age of 13 and NOT for spammers who are probably quite smart but have the ability to do incredibly stupid things.


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