WooCommerce Appointments

August 28th, 2015

The best WordPress booking plugin has arrived – WooCommerce Appointments. This is the best appointment scheduling software you can get right now. It is the only WordPress appointment booking plugin that integrates 2-way Google Calendar sync. Either you add appointment on your Google calendar or your website, it will sync automatically, with notifications and everything. as this is WooCommerce extension, it allows you to take payments for appointments. Have perfectly organized calendar and reduce no-shows with advanced notifications and reminders.

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2-way Google Calendar sync

Google calendar synchronization works both ways. When you add or edit appointment in Google calendar, it will be automatically synced with your site and vice-versa. No delays.

Staff Management

You can assign staff to each appointment, manage calendar for each employee, set availability rules and also allow your staff to login, without compromising your site integrity.

Flexible availability rules

You can practically apply any availability rule you want. You can set custom availability for each calendar day, hour and and even set hours off for particular calendar day.

Scheduling window, Lead time

You can set how much in advance customer can schedule an appointment. With Scheduling Window, you can also prevent appointments to be scheduled very far in advance.

Padding time

Optionally specify how many minutes or hours of padding you need around the service. Useful if you need some time to prepare for next appointment.

Confirmation / Cancellation

Allow you customers to cancel appointments and optionally require confirmations for appointments, before approving them. Useful, if you want to take appointments with payment on site and not online.

Included Add-ons

Add-ons are included and supported by plugin natively. Besides extra cost, you can also determine extra time duration for each appointment add-on.

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