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Launched a Web store with Women Dresses

May 8, 2014

Tweet A couple of weeks ago, I’ve launched a web store with women dresses for Slovenian market (for now). It is now optimized and for best online experience with shopping and it’s been built with my Bizznis theme framework, so rest assured it performs really well for search engine visibility. Store is specialized for […]

My Plans for 2011

January 2, 2011

Tweet 2010 has been tough, but very productive and probably a major milestone in my career. I finished my regular studies for masters degree at faculty of economics and established online business that has become both profitable and enjoyable at the same time. I’m now able to invest a lot more into development and actually […]

Increasing Google’s crawl rate

November 29, 2010

Tweet It’s now almost two weeks since I updated and optimized my BizzThemes website and Google still hasn’t refreshed a whole site index. What the hell, I thought. So, I went through to research the issue of Changing Google’s crawl rate, which I’m sure a lot of website owners have – probably not even aware […]

Me’gusta theme preview: Beta 1

September 25, 2010

Tweet I’m happy to announce that 80% of the work on Me’gusta theme is now done and I’m ready to begin beta testing prior to releasing it. It is based on a new framework that basically gives you opportunity to build your site from widgets, either integrated ones or ones available from third-party providers. Beta […]

New Framework Teasers: Part 2

September 2, 2010

Tweet Another cycle of development has reached its goal: hierarchical layout engine. Since I started the development process, I wanted to develop a framework that would eliminate any need for custom hard-coded page templates and I’m extremely excited to announce that this is now developed and works like nothing you’ve seen before. New development opportunities […]

New Theme Framework Teasers

August 24, 2010

Tweet I’ve been developing a new theme framework for quite some time now and I think I’m ready to share some of its awesome features with you. From developers perspective, this is a giant step forward, as creating a new theme will now take less than a day if you have a finished design for […]

BizzThemes Evolution … into Marketplace?

August 13, 2010

Tweet As lots of people have contacted me after I’ve announced this new theme framework, I’ve decided to test the idea of BizzThemes as a marketplace for a limited amount of designers. The idea is to have all themes built on bizz framework, so that designers will only code the styling and other theme specific functions. […]

Top 3 Custom Client Projects in 2009

May 25, 2010

Tweet Before, I was heavily involved in WP custom development projects, which I still do from time to time, when my busy schedule clears up a bit. I learned everything about WordPress I know today and benefited a lot from working with actual clients. I got a sense of what they really need from […]

IsoTherm Bizz’d Up

April 26, 2010

Tweet Yet another of my old BizzArtic WordPress themes has been transferred to BizzThemes platform, where I’ll be able to continue with its development and offer support to its users. I tried to incorporate all requirements I received from users of old theme. Now it’s much simpler to use, has loads of new features and […]

BizzThemes v2 Launched, evolves into Social Network

April 20, 2010

Tweet I’ve been developing new BizzThemes social network for quite some time and after I received loads of feedback on its concept, it was time to develop the real deal. It came out really good and puts our customers support experience on a totally new level. Why Social Network? Support isn’t related to forums anymore but […]

BizzThemes New Features

March 23, 2010

Tweet I have just completed and integrated the new framework and new features into all bizzthemes. As extensive development and innovation is integrated in every new theme we release, I through it would be good to inform you what has been done in latest few weeks. Rich Textarea Widget A lot of users submitted a request […]

WordPress Theme Market Idea – What do You Think?

February 9, 2010

Tweet Today, I thought about my whole WordPress involvement and how I got to the position I’m currently at. If I look back, I have to say my road was pretty bumpy and filled with many obstacles. I started as a freelance WordPress user and ended up as a professional WP theme developer and Usability expert. […]

BizzThemes Launches, Businesses & Freelancers Welcomed

January 11, 2010

Tweet After tons of hard work, sweat and tears, is finally here. I have to say I’m really proud of it and love its simplicity of use & quality it offers. I’m sure business users and freelance WordPress developers will love it as themes are really SEO powerful and ridiculusly easy to customize. Backend […]

What to expect in new year?

December 30, 2009

Tweet I haven’t wrote for a while but with a good reason. New year is about to become really interesting for me and hopefully somewhat successful as planned – if not, it will at least be a great journey that will make me even stronger as I don’t give up that easily. Here’s a short […]

Video Teaser of BizzFolio Theme

November 26, 2009

Tweet This is my first recorded screen cast and I hope it came out nice – not a professional one, I know, but still better than boring screenshots, right? I will practice this kind of support in future and try to avoid screenshots when possible – of course my voice will be added as well […]