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Missing Admin Screens for Public Templates

January 22, 2014

Tweet WordPress is a great content management system, but it lacks some basic core features. Even though it is built to be extended by plugins and themes, it should at least provide admin support for all public templates, not just post and pages. If you don’t know it yet, there are also templates like 404 […]

Cloud Hosting is in Stone Age

July 22, 2013

Tweet I’m really angry with all the cloud hosting providers that don’t have any real perspective on cloud hosting at all. Technology is really great, but why the hell did all decide to follow Amazons’ dumb pricing model??? When you need a full spreadsheet of prices for one product, you have a problem. When you […]

WordPress for Government, Why Not?

July 9, 2012

Tweet A few days ago, my fellow blogger, Had, posted a great article about using WordPress for local government in Slovenia. I started to ask myself, why the hell are all the governments in the world using old, outdated CMS systems to run their public websites, when they have the beautiful platform like WordPress? I know security in WordPress is […]

WordPress 3.3 in Final Stages (beta)

October 15, 2011

Tweet WordPress, my favourite content management system, is  growing and developing faster than ever. I feel it has been just weeks ago, when 3.2 version was last published and here comes another improved version, 3.3. Its first beta has already been released, so lets dive into 10 most anticipated improvements, at least for me. 1. New […]

Improved Security and Faster Website Browsing with CloudFlare

October 10, 2011

Tweet For the whole past year, I’ve been experiencing issues with my blog, which you’re just reading – It went from hack attacks and pharma hacks to downtimes.  As most site owners, I didn’t bother thinking about it, but two weeks ago I experienced a serious security threat, when net bot changed my .htaccess files. Only my front […]

“Google App Engine, Your Price Hike is Terrible!”

September 2, 2011

Tweet Not sure if you knew, but Google decided to leave App Engine preview phase and up the pricing. Not just slightly increase the price, like they do it in Fast Food restaurants, but sky rocket it, like from $9 a month to $270 a month, as this report suggests; or from $2.63 to $34.38 per […]

Online Business Success Recipe

March 31, 2011

Tweet Being three years into online business, I learned quite a lot and I’m glad to be able to share my experience with you. If you think there’s easy money involved, simply turn away and close this page, you’re just a lazy ass if you ask me. Ingredients Patience (50%) Hard work (20%) Quality (10%) Speed (10%) […]

Notepad++, my One and Only Programming Tool

February 6, 2011

Tweet Last week I had a meeting with a bunch of .NET programmers and noticed they all use Visual Studio for their projects development. As I know .NET to some extend, I know it’s quite hard to code C# with a simple tool like Notepad++, so I somewhat understand their enthusiasm about VS. I also […]

BuddyPress Failed after watching movie, The Social Network

November 7, 2010

Tweet Yesterday, I watched a movie, The Social Network, with my buddies. I’d say it’s a very good movie, especially for us – programmers, but very flawed as well. The screenplay was excellent, but portraying Mark as genius, just for coding a simple Friendster copy was a bit too much for me. I understand people […]

Competition: Submit Your Site and get Bizz’d up

October 25, 2010

Tweet I’m so excited about the flexibility of new framework, I’m willing to clone your current site in 2 days to demonstrate how easy it actually is to make new sites with it. This is a dare move, but I’m very confident about new framework and want to show you that you don’t need to […]

New Framework Teasers: Part 2

September 2, 2010

Tweet Another cycle of development has reached its goal: hierarchical layout engine. Since I started the development process, I wanted to develop a framework that would eliminate any need for custom hard-coded page templates and I’m extremely excited to announce that this is now developed and works like nothing you’ve seen before. New development opportunities […]

New Theme Framework Teasers

August 24, 2010

Tweet I’ve been developing a new theme framework for quite some time now and I think I’m ready to share some of its awesome features with you. From developers perspective, this is a giant step forward, as creating a new theme will now take less than a day if you have a finished design for […]

BizzThemes Evolution … into Marketplace?

August 13, 2010

Tweet As lots of people have contacted me after I’ve announced this new theme framework, I’ve decided to test the idea of BizzThemes as a marketplace for a limited amount of designers. The idea is to have all themes built on bizz framework, so that designers will only code the styling and other theme specific functions. […]

Paying to follow … and earning from it?

August 4, 2010

Tweet First of all, don’t take this as a bad thing as I have a feeling web surfers themselves are requesting for quality web products and services they are willing to pay for. I’m not being a snob here but quality does pay off, at least on the long-term. That’s why I am  seriously considering […]

New Way of Using WordPress Themes

August 3, 2010

Tweet Since I started developing WordPress themes, I wondered, how I could make a framework simple enough, even 8-year old could use without problems. I started following what other guys were up to and ended up doing the same thing – a complex options panel that is disconnected from the actual code blocks. This way […]