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BuddyPress Failed after watching movie, The Social Network

November 7, 2010

Tweet Yesterday, I watched a movie, The Social Network, with my buddies. I’d say it’s a very good movie, especially for us – programmers, but very flawed as well. The screenplay was excellent, but portraying Mark as genius, just for coding a simple Friendster copy was a bit too much for me. I understand people […]

Auto Resized Images Not Working in BizzThemes?

July 12, 2009

Tweet This post is dedicated to all frustrated users of WP themes, that have issues with TimThumb auto image resizing script, created by Darren Hoyt. As you’re probably aware almost all BizzArtic themes use this script to re-size images to specified size so this issue is very important to me … thus I’ve decided to […]

5 Premium WordPress Themes Worth Buying

May 25, 2009

Tweet I’ve decided to list some of themes that are in my opinion worth their money. Generally, I don’t like the premium concept as it breaches WP GPL rules but theme authors need to earn something to keep up with their work. Thesis Theme | DiyThemes | by Chris Pearson Papercut | WooThemes | by […]

Custom Services from Me,…Share Your Thoughts on Pricing

May 4, 2009

Tweet Finally,  I develop themes fast enough to offer affordable prices for my work. So, What Can I do for You? BizzArtic WP Theme Modification – 9.90$ Modifications within reach of selected theme features Any Other WP Theme Modification – 29.90$ Modifications within reach of selected theme features Completely New WP Theme Development – 390$ […]

First 2 Words Are All That Matters

April 21, 2009

Tweet Users typically see about first 2 words for most text items on the web; they’ll see a little more if the lead words are short, and only the first word if they’re long. This rule applies especially for title links so be careful how you write titles for your posts if you want to […]

Serious Blog Needs at least Simple Action Plan

April 18, 2009

Tweet Every serious blog needs good strategy to cope with more and more competitors on demanding web market. Long term comittment will probably not work for you so you need to pick dynamic approach and change your strategy every few months – create simple action plans using SWOT! SWOT Analysis for Your Blog Run a […]

10 People I Follow to Develop WordPress Themes

April 10, 2009

Tweet Chris Pearson He’s the guy behind Thesis WP theme and I guess that says all – a really remarkable piece of work! Nick La He runs WebDesignerWall blog and if you’re into web design this is the person you should follow. Veerle Pieters She always inspires me for modern web art and gives me […]

Show Popular Posts of Current Browsing Category

March 5, 2009

Tweet WordPress really is a remarkable tool but there is no way to show popular posts of current category you are browsing just by using WP template tags. For instance if your blog has category Sport, it would be nice to show of the most popular posts in that category for the last month or […]

Premium WordPress Themes Have Lots of Licensing Issues!

February 15, 2009

Tweet Lots of you get the idea behind Linux, its openness, freedom to develop it and most importantly freedom to share your newly developed work. All those things implicate to GPL license, thorough which Linux is released. On the other hand, this does not preclude anyone from charging for support for Linux-related activities. For example, […]

Is it Time to Quit Your Blog?

January 30, 2009

Tweet I’ve put huge amount of work into my FIVE blogs and gotten next to nothing in return. Sure, I’ve made a few good contacts, but I was doing that with email and my five web sites before I even started blogging. In fact, since I could have been doing things that might have been […]

21 Ways to Write Better Posts for Your Blog

January 21, 2009

Tweet Yesterday I read a very useful article on problogger that gives you some tips for writing posts that will catch on with your users. I like it because it is simple, straightforward and really helps you realize what your blog is all about. It isn’t relevant to me as I have decided to put […]

How You Should Use Categories?

December 27, 2008

Tweet This posts is summary of Chris Pearsons What Every Blogger Needs to Know About Categories. Categories are something bloggers don’t tend to use in their posts, at least not as often as they should. At the beginning I myself thought of them only as navigational menus for users, but in reality, categories are a […]

I’ll Tell You a Secret: Blogging is Tough!

December 20, 2008

Tweet When I first stepped into the amazing world of blogging I had big expectations, probably like many of you out there. I thought that writing good content comes naturally and so do people that read your stuff – I was so wrong. Nowadays when life is moving faster than ever before, nobody wants to […]

Choose WuFoo Instead of Cforms Plugin

December 16, 2008

Tweet This is no advertising tip or anything like that, I just hate Cforms plugin. It is a good idea to have this kind of freedom with your own forms but it’s soooo slow. I’ve been using it for ages and it did serve me good, actually I thought it did. After deleting it my […]

WTF is Twitter So Popular?!

December 10, 2008

Tweet I kind of like the idea about micro-blogging but don’t have any clue why this service is so popular. I think that people have really overdone themselves with Twitter. It’s everywhere, even new US president is using it for gods sake. What has happened to us people? Don’t assume I’m saying this from no […]