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September 17th, 2008

As you probably gathered from the words I spoke in about section and this post, my/yours blog/website will talk about my career in business informatics.  This is the field I am specialised in and got a degree just last week on September 11th. I know, it’s a sad day for many people but sure cheered me up when I stepped in a new era of my life. Though my college days are not ower as I have signed in for another two years of tough work.

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To go back to business,…you’ll go through all the steps I’ll take and hopefully learn from my mistakes instead of yours….

All the way up I will need your help on varius topics. I would appreciate any of  your business advice and help you can provide. You can do so with submitting comments on published posts and contributing some ideas and proposals in board section of this website. If you have some business you want to discuss privately with me, drop me some lines here or write me an email to

But please note that in no case I will take your money as donation or anything related. I am not running for president and don’t like that kindda bizz. My way of doing it is openly, clean and rewarding. Still on the other hand don’t think I am starting as a millionaire as I have maybe just 1000$ to play with. Let’s se what might we make of it….so my career begins now – and for the archive, today is September 17th, 2008.

Here are two photos from my graduation day:

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  1. Dragana

    15 years ago

    I hope that first project is comming soon. Therefore I wish you good luck!

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