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September 18th, 2008

It just hit me today – that I don’t have my core audience targeted! To sum up, my blog/website actually targets almost everyone so I have a lot of cons on my side and that really goes to core of everything this site stands for. Thus, to determine how I write my posts, I have decided to spice up my content in order to target the audience closest to bizzArtic topics.

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What is my overall audience demographic:

I was thiking a lot about this, because I didn’t know which people would suit my needs best. Mature ones probably have more experience and bucks, but on the other side I would probably get more in touch with young ones as I am also just 22 years old. Because of that I will put my faith in young enterpreneurs between the age of 20 and 35 as I think we still have more enthusiasm and condition to face new challanges.

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How will I find new readers/users?

  • Promoting on social netwok sites (primarly Facebook)
  • AdWords (search engine keywords ads)
  • By word of mouth (Hopefully:))

Now what about my customers?

As you know I’m also selling my tips to customers so they must be my next priority, just after you – readers. I must say I didn’t make my marketing plan yet, which is very wrong. Insted of that I just made everything needed to suit their needs (website info, experts, knowledge and technology) and now I hope everything works out as I imagined. Those of you that know how bad this strategy is, are probably thinking how dumb I am, but I have picked a bit different strategy that will evolve over time. Through time I’ll take it step by step:

  1. Identify my best costumers
  2. Discover my costumers needs
  3. Target the best customers
  4. Integrate my best costumers in future marketing plan

To see detailed description of this step-by-step plan visit this website, where I’ve found my inspiration for the marketing plan.

Looking forward to hearing from your opinions…

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