Getting Rid of Freeriders

October 7th, 2008

What lots of organizactions are experiencing currently is crisis that is bound to come from time to time. Company loses control of the situation and comes to one when doing business is not so easy. Well, this times have lots of prons also as at this point organizations have opportunity to get rid of their balast they were carrying in their happy days.

What is this balast you were talking about?

They are freeriders that in my opinion have ability to really torn a promising business apart in no-time. It is very easy to manage situation when you have to handle as a robot and add no value to your work but when you are facing a difficult situation where you have to use your brains you really depend on yourself – most people fail at this point.

What now?

  • Empower your people, give them responsibilities
  • Eliminate hieararchy as much as possible
  • Build strong teams
  • Give people freedom to do what they want (most of them will not do much better but some of them will really boost your business with creative ideas)
  • Give freeriders a punch in their face (not literally🙂

The only way to prevent the same type of crisis from happening again is to learn from it, to debrief after the crisis is over, to understand the root causes behind the crisis, and to take steps to keep them from recurring.

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