Selling Something Else Than Ad Space

November 24th, 2008

Nowadays blogs have turned into advertising machines with advertising as its main source of income. I don’t have anything against this model but I really hate what it has done to content people publish online.

Now you have all sorts of websites that collect blog posts and republish them as something new. When bloggers lack of their own ideas they turn to other peoples content, rearrange words and publish it as it’s sth worth reading.

Why are Ads bad?

Advertising on blogs has become so easy to set up so you can now see blogs with almost no visitors bombarded with ads and all sort of pop-ups. WTF they do that? Does content matter anymore? Or bloggers write blogs just to earn money?

Simple Problem Demonstration:

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  1. Chelle

    15 years ago

    Love the demonstration and so true…I laugh all the time when I see a blog with like 5 posts total and “advertise here” badges. I’ve come to realize unless you’re getting over 1000 visitors a day, the ads don’t really pay off at all anyway!

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