Want to Succeed Online? Fail, Fail and don’t Give Up!

October 17th, 2009

To start, by no means I’m writing this down because I’ve succeeded in any ways. I do receive lots of new orders lately but I still don’t consider this as a big success story…. However, I did learn some important lessons from my experience, which I’d like to share with you in this post – proven to work – always!

I’m also writing this down because I really want to tell you the truth that making money online isn’t as easy as ProBlogger sometimes claims. Even though Darren often posts really useful things he still has an urge to guide you to earn serious money with doing almost nothing or simply by learning from him or greedy guy like this prick. That ain’t happening so if you want to earn sth than you need to work and work really hard.

Short but useful advices

  • Fail multiple times and learn from your experience
  • Don’t stick to bad ideas and explore new grounds
  • Don’t sell fog but rather add value to your products / services
  • Don’t give up and work really, really hard

Take this as a personal advice or simply ignore this post if improving your working ethics is out of question, hehe =)

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6 Responses to “Want to Succeed Online? Fail, Fail and don’t Give Up!”

  1. Željan Topić

    14 years ago

    Quess nobody wants to work hard, hehe =)

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  2. SuperMario290

    14 years ago

    Definitely some good advice. I do agree though, problogger does make it look a little too easy to earn money. I picked up their book, and while useful, it really tried to over-glorify blogging to make it look like anybody can earn a 6-digit income just by starting a blog.

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    • Bart

      14 years ago

      Maybe I am not experienced enough to know, but if I read Problogger and other sites well, then I think that it should be possible to earn some income if you try hard and are “smart” to create something that is sure to attract readers. That means looking at which words score well in Google search, what is a popular topic, write what readers want to read, deliver it as they want etc etc.
      If you write a post about “Ten Tips how Perez Hilton uses Google Wave to make Money online” it will attract visitors, and if you can keep writing this stuff it should work.
      Its how boulevard magazines survive I suppose.
      But that is just one way of looking at blogging, It has not much to do with a passion for creating WP-Themes or web-design. So I think indeed that those that write because of a genuine passion just have to work hard.

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      • Željan Topić

        14 years ago

        I agree … I’m now blogging for more than a year, in the meantime I’ve tested numerous ideas, some inspired by ProBlogger (blogging about currently popular search term, setting up real virtual company, blogging about WP etc.) which all appeared great but proved otherwise.

        After months of blogging I somehow came to developing WP themes and found out I’m pretty good at it. So after failling numerous times my lesson learned is definately: Don’t give up and learn from failure.

        As much as ProBlogger can help sometimes I now understand that Darren also blogs for money so his primar interest isn’t to learn me sth but to earn more. If that means he sometimes needs to post crap than so be it =)

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  3. jimmy

    14 years ago

    for 2-3 years with online biz. I’m not success with it.Maybe this year is mine.

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