Cloud Hosting is in Stone Age

July 22nd, 2013

I’m really angry with all the cloud hosting providers that don’t have any real perspective on cloud hosting at all. Technology is really great, but why the hell did all decide to follow Amazons’ dumb pricing model??? When you need a full spreadsheet of prices for one product, you have a problem. When you need a pricing calculator and you don’t know what to calculate, you have even a bigger problem. Once you take into account the most complex and user unfriendly cloud hosting service is leading the market, you really start asking yourself a lot of questions. “Is it just me?”, would be the first one.

Command prompt again, really? I hope 1995 comes again and Windows 95 saves the day. Why do they think regular or even experienced programmers have time to learn their UNIX commands to install a simple piece of WEB software? What we want and I’m not afraid to speak for all of us, is fast hosting, with a simple dashboard interface and pricing that is easy to understand. It doesn’t have to be a fixed pricing, but please offer something easy to digest. Besides that, little-to-no-better “managed” cloud hosting for $150/month is just ridiculous.

Also, why are people so surprised with the success of Dropbox? It is easy to setup, fast, simple to use and yeah, no unix commands there with dumb pricing structure. Some people even use it as a website hosting service, which only proves my point.

My review of 10 biggest cloud hosting players:

1. Amazon EC2

Biggest in the field, largest crowd, complex pricing.

2. Rackspace


3. Google App Engine

Still no PHP support.

4. VMware

So complex, only enterprise users are dumb enough to pay for it.

5. Joyent

Inexpensive but still, command prompt all the way.

6. Microsoft Azure

Actually quite good, but still, the same company that issued Vista and Win 8.

7. Salesforce

Lures customers, sticks their data to complex software then milks them.

8. IBM OpenStack

It’s free, but most likely, you don’t have a clue what to do with it.

9. Citrix Systems

Sounds fancy, VMware wanabe.

10. SoftLayer

Doesn’t sound fancy. Out of your budget.

Had to say it, … in the meantime, searching for a simple, affordable and post-1995-ui cloud hosting service.

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