Paying to follow … and earning from it?

August 4th, 2010

First of all, don’t take this as a bad thing as I have a feeling web surfers themselves are requesting for quality web products and services they are willing to pay for. I’m not being a snob here but quality does pay off, at least on the long-term. That’s why I am  seriously considering a crazy idea – selling information (dude, wtf?). Well, by my perception there is always a person that is smarter than you, at least in some field of interest. So, why not follow him/she and capitalize on that?

Wouldn’t be great if you could sell your piece of info to someone who is willing to share your knowledge? You both earn and nobody is at lost – at least on the long-term.

Some examples:

  • Would you pay to follow top-notch stock broker?
  • Would you pay to follow top-notch betting specialist?
  • Would you pay to follow top-notch investor?

Now how about following top-notch stock broker on a monthly basis and earning money by only doing the same thing as him/she? What if he loses, you say? Well, that’s life – but where would you rather invest, where top-notch stock broker (with a good financial record does) or where your feeling guides you?

Enough with sarcastic questions – share your thoughts or else


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