Find Bush Replacement in Obama Team

December 7, 2008

Tweet Nowadays stand-up comics are all questioning who will replace famous Bush on the stage. It still is their job to do so and I think all of us will need someone to replace him. Maybe it hears silly but we need someone to laugh at,…just to remind us that ‘bushism’ relay is passed to […]

Write About XML Feeds Development

November 9, 2008

Tweet This idea could be a winner, because there is no quality blog out there related to this topic. I’ve been searching for tips and tutorials about it but didn’t find anything usable. People still don’t have a clue what XML feeds actually are so you could easilly educate and enrapture them to discover the […]

Telling Tales

November 5, 2008

Tweet Today I held a presentation to my faculty colleagues about Stephen Denning‘s article Telling Tales. What he says is that managers should use storytelling as a business tool in organizations. Why the brain likes a good tale Margaret Parkin says stories can be included in change programs in many ways, such as: as part […]