Write About XML Feeds Development

November 9th, 2008

This idea could be a winner, because there is no quality blog out there related to this topic. I’ve been searching for tips and tutorials about it but didn’t find anything usable. People still don’t have a clue what XML feeds actually are so you could easilly educate and enrapture them to discover the use of this quite mature technology.

RSS feeds? What to blog about?

  • Split your blog into these sections: tutorials, tooltips, examples, freebies, image library, video and about.
  • Make use of feeds as frequent as possible (lifestream, latest posts etc.)
  • Build a useful wordpress plugin as a freebie
  • Give away simple daily tips on useful use of feeds (automate this through other resources)
  • Moreover, use imagination and enjoy of course!

What are the pros of automated content via RSS feeds?

  • Very fast content delivery
  • Best solution for news streaming
  • Gathering content in one place
  • Proven technology
  • More and more people use it
  • Search enginges love it
  • It is generates lots of traffic
  • etc.

Here are some (there aren’t more…sadly) links to get you inspired:

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