Good Visitors vs. Bad Ones

December 3, 2008

Tweet Over the time of writing my blog I’ve learned that there is big difference between visitos that read my blog. The difference is really huge and it really made me think what to do to get good visitors come more often! Thus I’ve gone to the source of the problem to find out where […]

Testing Google Trends Blogging

October 26, 2008

Tweet After lots of consultation with my colleagues (with lots I mean 4-5 people:)) I’ve decided that I’ll go further with my idea about blogging according to current search trends on internet. What you’ll see next is testing with bizzArtic blog, where I’ll start with few articles about web business, wordpress and enterpreneurial tips (thats […]

40 Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic

October 15, 2008

Tweet What I have learned from about-a-month blogging experience is that building website traffic is not as easy as I thought. I found it very difficult to get my blog traffic over 100 unique hits per day so now I think it’s time to get seriuos as I don’t quit that easily. To discover what […]