How to Define Success?

September 27th, 2008

If you don’t know what you want to achieve or don’t know where you are heading, you’ll never know when you’ve reached it. Your idea of success may also be quite different from that of another business owner’s. So how to set up goals that would mach your personality and your own professional preferences?

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But if you do define your goals, what to do when’ve gotten it? It sounds like a never ending circle thus let me give you some possible goals you might pursue and reach with no trouble at all:

Money as Value

Most of people define their/others success by the amount of money they have. Well if you are doing business only for the mere bucks you’ll fail 99%. You could set a goal how much money you want to earn to feel great about but you’ll soon find out that you want more and more and more…(I won’t write more word further on as you’ve got the point now:). I won’t say that setting amount of money earned as goal is always going to be a failure but problem starts when you reach that goal. How will you motivate yourself to keep going? I gues you see my point.

Beeing your own boss

I am really amazed how much money people would give away only to be on their own and have their own business. Have to say I am bit like them but still take decisions on my common sense. I have a friend (won’t say the names as you probably don’t care anyway) that mutually agreed with his boss to take over a business¬† to become a director. It sounds great but now he pays himself the amount of money he thinks is the best for the company. That amount is much lower and he has to worry about tons of things he never imagined would be his responisbilities. I asked him why he’s done that and he said it is only temporarily and that he knows what he’s doing,…eventhough I’ve piscked from his words that he is much happier now than ever before.

Work first family next?

A married small business owner with a family may have the intention to make a substantial living, but his or her personal definition of success may revolve around the family. Finding a happy balance between all aspects of life is often found as the driving force.

Personal vs. Professional goals

Before you outline what would make your business a success, take a moment to think about your own definition of success – both personal and professional. Remember, you are on a journey. Your success may be found in that journey. Success is not simply an end point; once you reach one goal or benchmark, there will be others to pursue.

Lessons learned:

  • Do what you like and leave if you’re not happy – now!
  • Empower your employees but not yourself!
  • Familiy, friends first, business next!
  • Combine your personal goals with professional ones, if that is not possible than chose your personal ones!
  • And do business for money, favours for others will hit you back like a rock (I meant that in business practice, so no hard feelings)!

If your definition of success is owning your own business and working from home, read article 10 Steps to Running a Successful Home-Based Business for tips on how to get your dream off the ground.

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