Making Money Without Lying?

September 26th, 2008

Sometimes I think how is it possible to make money and not lying about it. For instance, I am really trying to put all my efforts to show you how I make business, but on the other hand¬† I already had two customers but didn’t write about. Well I didn’t lie about it I just didn’t tell and also this blog is ’bout a week old so it doesn’t matter really.

There are often heard words from people that are accusing marketers of lying – of selling ‘get rich quick’ products, taking advantage of hopes and dreams of the average perspective bizzmen just to take their money and then move on to the next sucker without really caring about the success of their customer. Thus let me put some lines on my commitment to fair and square bizz I stand behind.

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So how will I do business and not lie about it?

  • Gaining Trust

Writting and informing my customers and readers about all the bizz steps I take is probably most notable effort I am doing to make them/you feel more comfortable to do business with me. My posts don’t include any financial information about individual projects but in future when I start a commercial project, I’ll include reports with all the info you want (in other words that means I’ll probably give you overall information about my monthly revenue from all projects – see, I am not lying:)

  • Being Honest

I will sell my customers the best services and products in the whole wide world. They will get everything cheaper than they would with the competition and even though all the products will be just the best.

Now how many times you’ve heard those words? People often tell lies and throw lots of nonsense to make you feel better. I’ll put it this way: I will sell you a product/service on a fair price that is probably bit higher than you expected and you’ll probably have no idea what on earth costs that much. But on the other hand you’ll get the best expirience I can give and you’ll go away happy – see, I am not lying:)

  • Being Myself

What I found out while reading blogs and articles over the web is that people often don’t like to expose themselves. Even if a blogger is the only one behind a website, he/she starts a lot of sentences with WE, OUR,…US…but why? Are they afraid to take responsibility for their actions (posts), are they just fencing themselves from possible failures or just want you to know that they are worth more than one individual?

I am the only individual behind this blog, and with only one I mean there’s just me and nobody else (except possible experts I’ll have to outsource if demand rises)¬† – see, I am not lying:)

  • Privacy Concerns

Privacy is an increasing concern and a big issue for all business in the marketplace. Although enterprises promise sound privacy practices to their customers, there is no technical mechanism to enforce them internally. Access decisions are extended with obligations, which list a set of activities that must be executed together with the access request. Grantors allow to define a separation of duty between the security officer and the privacy officer…(Text used from Computer Security Foundations Workshop).

Now let’s talk for real. I managed to put my privacy policy and terms of conditions together but who really reads it? So I am lying that I care about your privacy or am I putting it all together just to prove my merit in a ‘secure’ online environment? Yes, you guest it, I would care if I had enough money to do that, but now I used Digg’s stuff to make all legal and to satisfy the minors – see, I am not lying:)

  • Final Advice if You’re a Bizzmen

Take a bit of time to craft the words together when selling stuff, believe in what you write and focus on products you know that will provide value to your customers. Be honest, and don’t lie, in long term you’ll have your dignity if everything else fails!

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