Why The Hell Do We Need Acrobat Reader?

November 7th, 2008

I mean this software hounts me in my dreams,…my senior professors put all their work in .pdf files eventhough they could easily lock their work in other programs too….I never had any pleasant experience with it and don’t know why companies worldwide use it with as big extend as they do.

So, what’s the problem?

  • It’s soooo slow (You really need to pump your RAMs to avoid browser break-down)
  • You can’t copy paste anything (even without key-lock)
  • You need to be really educted to produce .pdf files
  • You can’t write directly in it
  • They actually want to sell it:)
  • And people actually buy it:))
  • And again I hate it, its only contribution to community is its optional free edition

Can someone please explain to me why this crap actually exists?

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One Response to “Why The Hell Do We Need Acrobat Reader?”

  1. Chris

    15 years ago

    Me too…I use Foxit PDF Reader.

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