Sneek Peek at Inuit Types Theme

February 3rd, 2009

New theme called ‘Inuit Types’ is coming soon,…it’s my little jewel, polished to perfection. Some of you might not like it because of its simplicity and strong color elements but others will adore it just as much as I do. SEO of this theme is extreme – I haven’t found any theme yet that is so efficient in search engine readings and that has so many features – all for free! – don’t hesitate to subscribe if you wan’t to be among first people to download it!




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3 Responses to “Sneek Peek at Inuit Types Theme”

  1. MaryAp

    15 years ago


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  2. template

    14 years ago

    really cool theme ..but i think it is goo dto have it under gpl thanks

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  3. pinkasics

    13 years ago

    hi there! your theme is really great! however there’s sth wrong : i tried using a strikethrough html on my post but it doesnt appear live. when i “preview my post” on wordpress, i see it, but when i visit in on my wordpress blog URL, it’s not there.

    could you help please? thanks very much! lk fwd to hear from you!

    PS. just a personal opinion, but i think the main header will look nicer without the “just another site”

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