Inuit Types – Bizz’d Up

March 31st, 2010

After I’ve bizz’d up Berita, I’ve decided it is time to do the same for Inuit Types theme. This is really a great piece of work, so I couldn’t wait any longer to give this theme bizzthemes framework upgrade. Basically, theme is now really simple to use and has the best SEO incorporated. Take as a clean sheet of paper that comes with the best paint brushes available. The remaining thing that this theme needs is your creativity, so don’t hesitate to purchase one of our premium theme packages and release the artist within yourself.

Inuit Types was previously offered for FREE, so we have decided to keep it this way and offer starter edition free of charge. With this free upgrade you won’t lose any of its major functionalities, but if you want to get professional support, all the features available and be the first to receive its upgrades, than make sure you buy one of our theme premium packages and join our BizzThemes community.

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Inuit Types Front Page (click to enlarge)

Theme Features

Comment Rating

This theme includes simple, yet advanced ajax comment rating system. Logged in users have option to rate your comments with thumbs up/down approach.

Looped Post Slider

Integrated jQuery slider for Sticky posts with number of options to set up your slider: auto slide, auto height, optional fixed height etc.

Total Design Control

You’re able to design your site just as you want – all from the neat theme options panel. Control all colors, images and even typography with just one click.

Enkelt Design Control from Željan Topić on Vimeo.

Total  Layout Control

You have an option to arrange your layout modules the way you like and to exclude unimportant module blocks that don’t fit your needs.

AJAX Login Form

Fully customized Ajax login form, displayed in any navigation section. Translate it, add your own image in form header and redirect users to site of your choice.

Total Branding Control

If your purchase Agency theme package, you have option to totally control the theme branding: add your logo into footer, control back-end branding and even rename the theme if you like.

Integrated PrettyPhoto light-box script

All images and Flash videos pop out in a beautiful light-box window. To configure this option, just enable PrettPhoto script, everything else is handled automatically.

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15 Responses to “Inuit Types – Bizz’d Up”

  1. louisa

    14 years ago

    Hi there
    I love your theme, I’m trying to use it to set up a photo portfolio – I can’t seem to get the pictures to show on the front page, as a featured post – only the titles for each picture show up – Can you help me please?!
    Sorry to be such a technophobe novice!
    Many thanks in advance

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  2. griphine

    14 years ago


    Yes a wonderful theme but i have the same problem here. 😉

    Greetings to you

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  3. Darrah Ford

    14 years ago

    Is there a way to fix the link comments on the new Inuit Types theme? If I click a link to the exact comment, it doesn’t go back to the exact comment, just to the top of the post. That’s horrible! Many stories I have are read this comment or that comment here or that comment there. I didn’t write out the comment because I had linked back to the exact comment. And many of the posts are long with lots of comments. So for my readers, it will be fishing through so many comments on old & current stories just looking for the exact comment I’m talking about.

    It also doesn’t go to the exact comment in the comment widget on my sidebar. Or when I’m reading new comments in my dashboard. Is there someway to update the new theme? Thanks!

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  4. maxlender

    14 years ago

    good design. I love this template.
    but I’ve got problem with this template.
    when I uncheck “Sidebar on the left or right?” option.
    my blog already not fit into screen.,, when I choose left sidebar.
    my blog already fit into screen.

    if you don’t mind, would you fix the problem?
    ( sory for my bad english)

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  5. Darrah Ford

    14 years ago

    The linking to comments is my biggest grievance. I love the theme and this theme is ideal for my blog. I always wanted a theme similar to the Gawker theme and finally have it now. But my biggest grievance, as posted above with my previous comment, is why can’t we go to the exact comment when we link to it. We click on the comment widget on our sidebar and it goes to the top of that post instead of the exact comment. And when I want to reference a comment, now all those prior posts just go to the top of the page instead of the exact comment.

    Now I’m looking at how there’s an RSS feed at the top right of the page. Why have this when we already have two of those widgets? And why bother with that when you don’t even include the RSS feed to comments as well?

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  6. Jürgen

    13 years ago

    I have the same problem like louisa and griphine. Can you please help me?
    Many Thanks in advance

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  7. Željan Topić

    13 years ago

    Just upload an image for your portfolio post and that’s it 😉

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  8. Sonia

    13 years ago

    Hello Ze.

    I want to d/l
    but this link is not working. Can you please update it? Or should I buy it, no matter what?

    I want to test it first, because I’m already using it to a blog, but my client wants it full functional.
    From the, has some issues and is very important to test before we buy.

    Thank you

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  9. Awesome work buddy – looks so elegant. I just downloaded it and can’t wait to implement it to reload my blog. Have been searching all around for a b/w theme.

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  10. Tomek

    13 years ago

    Hi there! I’m using Inuit Themes for my blog, and I’m loving it so far. I’m wondering if there’s a change I can make to the CSS code, or an option within the theme to make every post (or a couple posts) on the front page a full post, instead of just a summary. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks,

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  11. madelina

    13 years ago

    Hi There !

    I just started a “visual blog” and chose your theme from WordPress. Great theme, I love it…I chose it mainly for the featured images. For my readers, it will be the image that catches their eye and gets their attention to read the article. That said, my only comment is that if a reader is searching by category (say he/she clicks on the ART category), a list of posts come up with the header and a few brief lines but the featured image isn’t included. Do you have something similar to Inuit where the image will pop up along with the post when the reader is doing a search by category? Or can you implement it? If so, I (and I believe others) would love to pay for such service !

    Thanks again!


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  12. Brevis

    13 years ago

    HI, I LOVE the Inuit Types theme and picket it for my very first blog after long research. I have one question which I could not have addressed on the forum as of yet. I hope you can help. I wanted to have a widget for Facebook on my sidebar, with their logo on it, just like the buttons you see on other sites or the boxes Facebook provides. I tried a few things:

    -the FACEBOOK LIKE BOX PLUGIN CODES… This did not work. I tried with different widths as well.

    – the codes for the FACEBOOK LIKE BOX with iframe… This did not work.

    – the FACEBOOK LIKE BOX with xfbml… This did not work.

    – the FB LIKE BADGE… – the Facebook badge appeared, but the fonts do not show blue and some text can’t be read).

    I also wondered if there was not another Widget for TWITTER, in which the Twitter logo would appear, as I see in other blogs. Currently, the widget available on the theme is just a list of feeds.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


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  13. James

    13 years ago

    Hello, I also love your set up. However, like the others, I cannot figure out how to get an image to show up in any of the posts viewed on the main page, especially the featured posts. Can anyone help, even if it is a thumbnail? Thanks!

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  14. binky lopez

    11 years ago

    The front page Featured Posts slider module has stopped workin properly, probably with the latest WordPress release as a cause. I wouldn’t know, I just know it has stopped working across ALL my installations on various sites.

    Folks, save yourself the trouble… do NOT get this theme, or any others maybe by BizzArtic, until this issue has been resolved.

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  15. Mimi

    11 years ago

    Hi, I’m currently using this theme on my blog but I’m having difficulties branding it with my existing logo. Does this theme support the use of one’s own logo in the header i.e. where the name is typed in? Please revert as soon as possible. Thank you.

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