WordPress Theme Market Idea – What do You Think?

February 9th, 2010

Today, I thought about my whole WordPress involvement and how I got to the position I’m currently at. If I look back, I have to say my road was pretty bumpy and filled with many obstacles. I started as a freelance WordPress user and ended up as a professional WP theme developer and Usability expert. I’m aware there is a huge community of WP theme developers out there, that probably want to sell their own work but have number of obstacles in their way (just like i did): no brand, no marketplace, lame framework, lack of WP knowledge etc…

The idea is simple, me and my team of developers would put all our efforts to develop the best possible WordPress theme framework, which other community members would use to develop their own premium themes. These themes would be marketed under our own marketplace, under our own brand. We would attract new buyers and take care of nitty-gritty, so developers would concentrate on design and creative ideas related to it. Think of it as a themeforest, just with more attention on developers needs.

1. Our part of the deal

  • Development of best theme framework available
  • Regular updates to framework, based on developers needs
  • Detailed developer instructions and documentation
  • Marketing and brand building
  • Huge knowledge base available to community developers

2. Theme Developers Benefits

  • Best framework to build upon
  • Top SEO within all themes
  • No issues with branding, payments, advertising etc.
  • Established customer base
  • Support under our own forums, with help of our experts
  • Developers choose pricing

3. Customer Benefits

  • Top quality themes
  • Best framework to build upon
  • Extended & fast support
  • Only top quality – buggy themes won’t have place in our community

Share your thoughts – this is still just an idea, however with your support it might get a lift 😉

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6 Responses to “WordPress Theme Market Idea – What do You Think?”

  1. Mohit Kumar

    14 years ago

    Yup it will inspire for more developers and encourage them…

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  2. MR. THOR

    14 years ago

    Do it. I love your templates.

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  3. Steven

    14 years ago

    Interesting idea, I am pretty sure you will get your audience. Thumbs up 😉

    Btw make sure to check out this new video interview with Adii about business side of WordPress premium theme market: http://mixergy.com/woothemes-adriaan-pienaar/ – it could help you clear some theoretical issues

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  4. SuperMario290

    14 years ago

    I think it would be a very great idea! It’s something that I think would be very, very helpful. Myself, I do a lot of design and whatnot with wordpress themes, but am still learning PHP and how to add all of the features, get the SEO just right, and everything in the themes. Having an framework that has all of that in it, and essentially all you need to work on is the design would be amazing.

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