Hosting Pro Business Theme

May 7, 2011

Tweet Out of the box hosting template for web hosting companies, resellers, hosting equipment and services. You’re able to build clean and professional hosting website quickly and take your web hosting business to another level. It’s ideal for resellers and includes all features, you’d expect from a professional hosting provider. More Details | Free Download […]

WordPress Theme Market Idea – What do You Think?

February 9, 2010

Tweet Today, I thought about my whole WordPress involvement and how I got to the position I’m currently¬†at. If I look back, I have to say my road was pretty bumpy and filled with many obstacles. I started as a freelance WordPress user and ended up as a professional WP theme developer and Usability expert. […]

Pricing to Choose for my Professional BizzThemes?

November 4, 2009

Tweet My BizzThemes platform is shaping up nicely, not as fast as I’d like to, but still at lightning pace. I’m currently very busy with commercial projects so I develop it in the meantime, but I still hope to release it as soon as possible. This post, however, is dedicated to pricing structure for my […]

BizzThemes Overall Design Completed,…Share your Thoughts

October 6, 2009

Tweet BizzThemes – premium theme market that will provide WordPress Themes for Small Businesses, is nearing completion. Of course, there are actual themes to be made but I’m very proud of progress done so far. New Screenshot (click to enlarge) Biggest Inspiration: 37Singnals (Basecamp) StumbleUpon WuFoo Homestead Previous Development: Old BizzThemes Concept Suggested Unique Theme […]

5 Premium WordPress Themes Worth Buying

May 25, 2009

Tweet I’ve decided to list some of themes that are in my opinion worth their money. Generally, I don’t like the premium concept as it breaches WP GPL rules but theme authors need to earn something to keep up with their work. Thesis Theme | DiyThemes | by Chris Pearson Papercut | WooThemes | by […]