New Way of Using WordPress Themes

August 3rd, 2010

Since I started developing WordPress themes, I wondered, how I could make a framework simple enough, even 8-year old could use without problems. I started following what other guys were up to and ended up doing the same thing – a complex options panel that is disconnected from the actual code blocks. This way options are not reusable as you may set up ‘slider’ as an example, only once and consequently use it only once. What if you could make as many ‘sliders’ as you want and set them up differently on each page or even use multiple sliders on one page? What if you could position that same ‘slider’ wherever you wanted by simply drag’n’dropping it into a page grid?

Here is my solution, that is almost finalized and is mere days from coding:

Layout grid concept

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4 Responses to “New Way of Using WordPress Themes”

  1. Torbjörn Sjögren

    13 years ago

    Hi Željan

    This looks great. I´m using the Enkelt Theme ( and it would be great to have this feature. I will be the first to test this out and give feedback when you release this solution.

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  2. Alin

    13 years ago

    Don’t know if you have any idea about Elastic:
    I guess that’s the way forward for any theme creator around. Maybe you should contact the guy @ Elastic and work together for his new version.

    We, the users, will appreciate some consistency in the admin area…

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  3. Reid Walley

    13 years ago

    That’s really slick. I’m diggin that!

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