New Theme Framework Teasers

August 24th, 2010

I’ve been developing a new theme framework for quite some time now and I think I’m ready to share some of its awesome features with you. From developers perspective, this is a giant step forward, as creating a new theme will now take less than a day if you have a finished design for it. It’s dead simple to use and I’ve not seen anything like it around. Users never get confused as all options are connected to the actual code. Finding the right option inside theme options panel to change slider the slider is history.

Top Features

  • Creating site grid is simple (similar to registering sidebars)
  • Unlimited  nested grids (columns nested inside columns).
  • Only widgets (I mean, why the hell some developers use modules? Widgets, modules, the same thing. Why complicating?).
  • Users may move/drag/drop/open/collapse/enable/disable almost everything.
  • No save button – everything is saved instantly when you change stuff.
  • If sth goes wrong, all your widgets are dropped into Inactive widgets section.
  • Build your front page, archives or any single post/page layout instantly.

Teaser 1: Creating a web grid

Teaser 2: Adding widgets/modules to the grid (ajaxed)

Teaser 3: Moving everything around (ajaxed)

Teaser 4: Open/Collapse everything (ajaxed)

Teaser 5: Enable/Disable your grids (ajaxed)

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3 Responses to “New Theme Framework Teasers”

  1. petr

    13 years ago

    interesting solution

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  2. Murali

    13 years ago

    Cool, but Do you sell this framework or its a open project kind of thing?

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