New Framework Teasers: Part 2

September 2nd, 2010

Another cycle of development has reached its goal: hierarchical layout engine. Since I started the development process, I wanted to develop a framework that would eliminate any need for custom hard-coded page templates and I’m extremely excited to announce that this is now developed and works like nothing you’ve seen before.

New development opportunities layout engine offers

  • Develop any page differently from the other
  • Develop layout for group of pages (Blog,Author,Category archives …)
  • No custom page templates
  • No custom template coding
  • Different widgets for every page

How layout hierarchy works?

If you’re a WordPress developer, you probably understand that there is a hierarchical aspect to every WP theme, which is best seen with (is_home(), is_single(), is_archive(), is_search(), …). This is very useful, when you want to develop a template, that will look differently from others in the same group.

For instance, you want to have the same look for all single blog posts, except for one, which you want to structure differently to highlight its importance. You could develop a custom template or use some conditional tags, but it would take a lot of hard-coding and at least medium level of WP knowledge. This is where new framework steps into place and you become a WP developer in mere seconds – view screen cast below for more info.

… more screen casts to follow during the development process, so make sure you subscribe to this news feed.

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  1. Septian

    13 years ago

    Wow…nice feature…it’s like Widget Logic Plugin but you make it more simple…

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