Serious Blog Needs at least Simple Action Plan

April 18, 2009

Tweet Every serious blog needs good strategy to cope with more and more competitors on demanding web market. Long term comittment will probably not work for you so you need to pick dynamic approach and change your strategy every few months – create simple action plans using SWOT! SWOT Analysis for Your Blog Run a […]

Need New Ideas for Blogging?

October 30, 2008

Tweet This question is the one that hounts me for ’bout two months now,…that is why I decided to dedicate most of the blog to the issue. In fact I will test ideas and give you some clues how they work and how to blog about them. Here are some of them that will go […]

Use StumbleUpon for blog Ideas

October 30, 2008


How My Blog Goes if Positioned in

October 28, 2008

Tweet As my internet and blogging trip goes on I’m eager to learn how things are working out there. I have spoken before that I don’t get more than 100 unique hits per day so I want to know why the hell that happens? I’m really getting angry as writting a blog isn’t so easy […]

Diagnose Search Rankings for Blog Posts

October 27, 2008

Tweet Just wondering why there is no tool to diagnose blog posts rankings in search engines? I think it would save much time if bloggers and site owners could look how their posts or pages are ranked in search engines. With rankings I don’t mean Page Ranking tools like: Blogflux, iWebTool, PageRankTool and many others. […]

Testing Google Trends Blogging

October 26, 2008

Tweet After lots of consultation with my colleagues (with lots I mean 4-5 people:)) I’ve decided that I’ll go further with my idea about blogging according to current search trends on internet. What you’ll see next is testing with bizzArtic blog, where I’ll start with few articles about web business, wordpress and enterpreneurial tips (thats […]

Blogging About Hot Trends

October 24, 2008

Tweet Wouldn’t be nice if you could read a blog about current trends on your topic of interest? Let’s say that your point of interest is science and you are interested what is currently hot in this field. Did you know that currently the most hot trend hereis Coltan? Now wouldn’t be nice if you […]

Why Am I Blogging?

October 24, 2008

Tweet Yesterdy I got the best feedback ever and it really got me thinking about my journey with this bizzArtic blog. Till now I really didn’t have any serious strategy to get me going but now ideas are just ‘poping’ out. So what happened? – My mentor, who recently helped me to graduate, gave me […]

My Blog Got A New Look

October 22, 2008

Tweet After long consideration and my endless impatience I’ve decided to put my blog look away. I’ve done it for following reasons: I want to concentrate on design for others and don’t want to bother with mine thus I’ve thrown away a few bucks to get a professional WordPress Theme that would do all the […]

40 Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic

October 15, 2008

Tweet What I have learned from about-a-month blogging experience is that building website traffic is not as easy as I thought. I found it very difficult to get my blog traffic over 100 unique hits per day so now I think it’s time to get seriuos as I don’t quit that easily. To discover what […]