Why Am I Blogging?

October 24th, 2008

Yesterdy I got the best feedback ever and it really got me thinking about my journey with this bizzArtic blog. Till now I really didn’t have any serious strategy to get me going but now ideas are just ‘poping’ out. So what happened? – My mentor, who recently helped me to graduate, gave me few tips that actually transformed the whole concept of my blog.

What he said…and what you could learn also if you are starting a blog…

  • You don’t have a clear focus what to do with your blog
  • Writing in english language can be a plus or minus
  • Concentrate on your content and leave everything else alone
  • Set yourslef some short-term goals
  • Ask yourself “Why am I blogging?”

So what now…

I decided to change the concpet of bizzartic blog and focus only on my projects, thus this blog will be a reaching point to my projects, kinda’ like company blog where employees post a different posts about theirĀ  company and give random tips to their users. That is exactly what I will do….my first target is to post some freebies (Igloo WordPress Theme) and start some new projects and play with it.

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