Need New Ideas for Blogging?

October 30th, 2008

This question is the one that hounts me for ’bout two months now,…that is why I decided to dedicate most of the blog to the issue. In fact I will test ideas and give you some clues how they work and how to blog about them.

Here are some of them that will go down the road soon:

  1. Blogging about current search trends in Google

    This idea is now active and is under testing so keep yourself posted (RSS) about further findings. But still some details you’ll need to consider:

    • Specialised posts for one narrow category (a game, a movie, a celebrity, an event etc.)
    • Writing in your native language (not in English!)
    • Targeting search trends that are not in top 100 but in next 100-200
    • And specialisation again! You need to choose a really narrow topic of interest (Example: Blogging about a celebrity that is not in top 100 search terms)


  2. Blogging about an Idea that will win the Google 10^100 contest

    Your blog (if you decide to write it) can become a really huge hype as it will be bombarded with traffic that you can equip with more explanation about winning idea and those that will follow it. But still there are some things you need to know before you jump for it:

    • Prepare your blog (design, content, links, SEO etc.) before the winner is announced
    • Start writting post now and optimize it so that search engines know you
    • Consider that your blog can die after few months of winner annoncement, but if you keep your publics interest rate high than it could be a succes even afterwards
    • Start now by placing a time counter (Voting Begins on January 27th, 2009 so hurry)
    • Contact me for more details if you like:


  3. Blogging about Sarah Palin

    1. No, you’re not late as there is no quality blog dedicated only to her, but still consider some of the following things:
    • She is ‘a lady’ so don’t use explicit content to attack her private life
    • Build online presence according to current news
    • Place a detailed research about her past activites!!! (images, videos etc.)
    • Don’t become a paparazzi (stockings and that kind of stuff:)
    • It’s better if you’re not involved in politics and that you’re party independent voter
    • Let your imagination guide you


    Have to say that I wouldn’t mind making these ideas into blogs myself but I can’t do millions things at the same time so jump for it and let me know how you’re doing (if you’ll have time of course;)….and subscribe if you’re in need for other ideas in the future.


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3 Responses to “Need New Ideas for Blogging?”

  1. Alex

    15 years ago

    You have some good ideas here. I have always found that I get more readers for my Sarah Palin posts on my political blog than most other posts. In fact one post about her got me well over 1500 hits in a month’s period.

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  2. Željan Topić

    15 years ago

    Yeah, on the other hand I have a reallly big experience with blogging about Google Trends. I’m still testing it but if you look which post of mine is the most popular one you’ll see it’s the one about Jeff Paul Internet Millions Scam….actually it doesn’t have anything to do with my blog but I SEO optimized it so that every day I get 20-30 clicks for that one – amazing!

    I’m thinking about launching a blog about it but it would take too much time as I work in real life also.

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  3. paulmeister

    15 years ago

    How about writing good content that people want to read? 😉 This kind of gimmicky stuff died back in the 80’s internet boom!

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