IsoTherm News Magazine WordPress Theme

March 29, 2009

Tweet Theme has been transfered to BizzThemes platform: Details | Demo | Download Old theme details and files: Demo |¬†Download After month of work my next theme called IsoTherm News is out and ready for professional use. It is magazine styled theme with everything you need to start publishing your own web journal with all […]

Explore IsoTherms News Demo

March 14, 2009

Tweet Before I release IsoTherm News theme I invite you to explore demo version of it and hit me back with a comment. Suggest a feature, report a bug or just say Hi=) … One of you will get simple custom designed text logo from me. Demo if IsoTherm News is here

Inuit Types has Thumbs on Frontpage

March 13, 2009

Tweet Inuit Types them just got a small update to version 1.1. Besides thumbs on front page some bugs were fixed, especially a nasty one related to Feedburner management. Download new version here.

IsoTherm News Theme is Comming Soon…

February 22, 2009

Tweet It’s been quite a while since my last post on bizzArtic blog…well as always I’ve been busy with work on my next theme called IsoTherm News. Theme will be magazine-styled with multimedia images and videos in mind – as people tend to watch videos more and get buzzed with images rather than text. Don’t […]

Breaking News in Igloo Theme

January 2, 2009

Tweet Today, new Igloo theme has been released, it’s version 3.1 now! Another major feature was added, Breaking news option and some other enhancements + bug fixes. Breaking news are quite complex and I’ve had lots of headaches over this feature. Posts that are labeled with ‘breaking news’ category appear in 3 steps: Small Alert […]

Igloo News 3.0 Released

December 28, 2008

Tweet Finally after few weeks of tweaks new version of Igloo came out. My main focus was on standardization of all elements, thus I’ve validated all my code (W3C) and made it compatible with WP theme requirements. I could take it to their repository but I’ll still wait a bit to get some feedback from […]

Igloo News Updated to Version 2.1

December 19, 2008

Tweet This update is again quite significant. Some pixels were fixed and no bugs as none was found. A really big update was done on design, which has changed on all theme skins, it is now more SEO and user friendly. Typography has changed to >font-family:Georgia, Times, serif< on all major areas and now has […]