Igloo News 3.0 Released

December 28th, 2008

Finally after few weeks of tweaks new version of Igloo came out. My main focus was on standardization of all elements, thus I’ve validated all my code (W3C) and made it compatible with WP theme requirements. I could take it to their repository but I’ll still wait a bit to get some feedback from you.

In this release no plugins are needed whatsoever,…from now on I just recommend them as major ones are now embedded into theme functions.

Some new features were introduced:

  • Relative Dates in Comments – new
  • Choose Blog Title over Image logotype -new
  • Total Feedburner Management – new
  • Show Feedburner Feed Counter (Chicklet) – new
  • Custom Control Panel – new
  • Exclude Categories/Pages from header – new
  • Include Pages in Footer – new
  • 3 layouts to choose from – new
  • Option to hide Top Categories and Sidebar Tabs – new
  • Embedded AdSense Support – new
  • Child Pages Ready (up to 4 level drop-downs) – new

And design improved:

  • Cleaner design
  • Shadowing of top boxes
  • Introducing new layout (2 column boxes)
  • Better image border effect
  • Fixed Widgets Design

And typography upgraded:

  • Better H1,H2,H3,…H6 look
  • Better Code Highlight
  • 3 level bullets and numbering
  • Better paragraph and line spacing

Also some features were dropped:

  • Center Widget – It was ugly
  • Custom Bookmarks – Much better plugins are out there
  • 200×200 center banner – no center widget

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14 Responses to “Igloo News 3.0 Released”

  1. Joseph Hollak

    15 years ago

    Congrats on the v_3.0 release.

    Looks great.

    I will try the upgrade over the next week.


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  2. nico

    15 years ago

    HI zeljan, messed up in posting a comment in a former release of 30 nov instead of here. So my proposal is why not providing some different ways of presenting the category menu the logo and the page menu the order the user want? may be not as options in wordpress, but as some different downloads. Because this point is very important regarding what kind of site we propose to our user : business where pages are really very important or personal blog where its less for instance but more for categories. Well is this possible ?

    I think it would be a killer option for you as no one doses it ! and after we are all messing around to try to modify your template.

    is this possible ?

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  3. nico

    15 years ago

    For instance for my own I really enjoy the presentation of page menu logo and category you made under your V1 release. Is there a way to get this back but with all the functions of the V3.3.
    and arghhhh please no more category descriptions in the category menu !!! let’s put a vote on this ! do a POLL !

    Thanks Zeljan !

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    • Željan Topić

      15 years ago


      Of course it is possible, just a bit of CSS modification and you’re off,…and if you don’t like category descriptions just don’t describe your categories and that’s it!

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  4. Yuppie

    15 years ago

    Igloo News is one of the best themes I have found. But it would be fine, if one could remove the backlinks for a fee.


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  5. Željan Topić

    15 years ago

    In future that will be option too, but for now I am trying to make all my themes super stable!

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  6. Stiv

    14 years ago

    Hi, do you have idea why tags not work? here on your “demo” work but I instaled your theme and all work just tags not work? They are showing but when I click on it I dont have any result like here.

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  7. Ko

    14 years ago

    Hello! Your theme is a very good, but I have some problems.
    I selected the boxed-muliple.php and wanted to see short posts with pictures, but I didn’t see pictures.. why?


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