IsoTherm News Theme is Comming Soon…

February 22nd, 2009

It’s been quite a while since my last post on bizzArtic blog…well as always I’ve been busy with work on my next theme called IsoTherm News. Theme will be magazine-styled with multimedia images and videos in mind – as people tend to watch videos more and get buzzed with images rather than text. Don’t get me wrong here as theme won’t be photo-blog or sth like that, it will be text-based but with concentration on images on front page and archive browsing.

Here is a sketch of its structure on front page:


-> The same structure will apply for category browsing,…for instance if users browse posts under category ‘sport’ only posts for that category will be displayed in same structure as they will on front page.

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3 Responses to “IsoTherm News Theme is Comming Soon…”

  1. monk

    15 years ago

    Good idea. Well in footer to adhere widgets

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  2. Jason

    15 years ago

    Looks good! Can’t wait for the release…

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  3. Fink About It

    15 years ago

    Looking forward to your new theme.

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