Custom Services from Me,…Share Your Thoughts on Pricing

May 4, 2009

Tweet Finally,  I develop themes fast enough to offer affordable prices for my work. So, What Can I do for You? BizzArtic WP Theme Modification – 9.90$ Modifications within reach of selected theme features Any Other WP Theme Modification – 29.90$ Modifications within reach of selected theme features Completely New WP Theme Development – 390$ […]

Latest Logo Design Competition Goes to …

April 9, 2009

Tweet Sham won the latest logo design competition. He was picked based on random number check as there were only 4 contestants. On this occasion I would like to thank you all for participation: @Michael – I will use your advice and give more tips on blogging @Madara – Custom background upload is under my […]

Guide Me and Win A Text Logo

April 6, 2009

Tweet Just answer a simple question: What would you do to improve my blog, Valid comments will be accepted until April 8th, midnight time >  spooky =) Please be short and descriptive, subscribe to stay updated for final results!

Just Finished Logo Design for Joel

March 28, 2009

Tweet Few weeks ago I held a Logo design competition which went to Joel Fernandes. It’s finished now and I hope Joel is happy with it =) Please subscribe if you want to stay informed about upcoming competitions similar to this one.

Logo Development

September 24, 2008

Tweet I personally think my logo is now looking quite nice, but in order for you to get full point of view (it also rhymes:) what work was behind it, I’ll paste a few snapshots from my hand-drawn ideas and design drafts. After that I’ll also paste some comparative images to show how my bizzArtic […]