Custom Services from Me,…Share Your Thoughts on Pricing

May 4th, 2009

Finally,  I develop themes fast enough to offer affordable prices for my work.

So, What Can I do for You?

  • BizzArtic WP Theme Modification – 9.90$
    • Modifications within reach of selected theme features
  • Any Other WP Theme Modification – 29.90$

    • Modifications within reach of selected theme features
  • Completely New WP Theme Development – 390$

    • Development within reach of current BizzArtic themes features
  • Custom Text Logotype – 19.90$

    • Text logotype without large graphic elements

Also note that all themes released from my blog will always be free of charge and released under GPL license.

Before I go on with this share your thoughts as I don’t want to introduce plan that doesn’t work, tnx!

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6 Responses to “Custom Services from Me,…Share Your Thoughts on Pricing”

  1. Anthony

    9 years ago

    Very reasonable prices. I like that you offered to modify other wp themes as well, very cool. Look forward to working with you in the future.
    To anyone considering a modification (or anything for that matter)…Zeljan modified a theme for me a while back and it was perfect. Seeing the ease with which he handled my case I wouldn’t hesitate to pay him for his services.
    I have no affiliation with Zeljan. Just a fan of his work and appreciate that he puts these incredible themes out here for free.

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  2. SuperMario290

    9 years ago

    Yeah, all of the prices seem good to me. I guess I wish the logo would be a little cheaper, maybe $15 or so, but either way I’ll hire you for one. 😉

    Good luck with your endeavors! 😀

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  3. self help blog

    9 years ago

    I’m interested in the Custom Text Logotype but in Hebrew is that possible?

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  4. self help blog

    9 years ago

    ok please let me know when by email

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