Rask Publishing News WordPress Theme

June 16, 2009

Tweet I always say this is my best theme to date but yet once again: THIS IS MY BEST THEME TO DATE 🙂 …I’m really proud of it and love it’s simple, yet advanced functionality. Posting with this theme is LIVE, which means no page reloads are needed to see the updates made to posts […]

IsoTherm News Revved Up to the Maximum

May 29, 2009

Tweet This is currently my best theme in terms of features and theme admin panel options, which are really simple to use and have nice toggle divs that make editing content faster and easier. It is totally new in terms of code as I’ve decided to get unified framework for all of my themes. Demo […]

Igloo News Theme Released

November 30, 2008

Tweet Finally after weeks of work I’ve put together my first wordpress theme with all the premium features you can imagine. Also there is a support guide that helps users find info quickly and easily….And best of all it’s FREE. There are no hooks or anything, I’m just doing it to enhance my online presence […]