I Love Google => I Hate Google

October 10th, 2008

I think Google is really a remarkable company that revolutionized the way I personally percieve the whole world. It opened so many business opportunities that becomming a web programmer became ridicously easy. But there are some pitfalls that in my opinion totally break the whole conpet of making money as a result of valuable knowledge.

That’s why I’ve prepared some of my personal reasons why I hate them and why I really love them.

Here is one for you:

10 reasons why I hate Google

  1. Becomming a web programmer is too easy, thus competiton really gets to you
  2. Privacy is really a big issue
  3. Code licensing has become irrelevant
  4. Advertising model is the only one possible
  5. Making money thorugh selling intelectual property (code, design etc.), yeah ‘right:)
  6. Search made us look stupid (“stear wors” – “Did you mean: star wars”)
  7. Microsoft is an evil company
  8. Linux is great
  9. It’s everywhere
  10. It’s all about Google Ads

10 reasons why I love Google

  1. I don’t imagine web without Gmail
  2. What search would look like with no Google being around
  3. Without it Internet would be 3.1/2 years behind (my estimates:)
  4. Without it we would pay a hefty price to get a decent website
  5. Without it searching for info would look like searching files in Windows XP
  6. Without it Microsoft would be programmers dream
  7. Copy-pasting their code makes me feel I’ve done something big
  8. They really listen
  9. They took a care for customers on a whole another level
  10. It makes me feel I can really do big things with litlle effort

Have to say that there are probably zillions reasons why I hate/love Google but gues people really digg this kind of stuff (10 things, 9 reasons…, 7 questions…) – so hope you like it;)

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