Increasing Google’s crawl rate

November 29, 2010

Tweet It’s now almost two weeks since I updated and optimized my BizzThemes website and Google still hasn’t refreshed a whole site index. What the hell, I thought. So, I went through to research the issue of Changing Google’s crawl rate, which I’m sure a lot of website owners have – probably not even aware […]

Need New Ideas for Blogging?

October 30, 2008

Tweet This question is the one that hounts me for ’bout two months now,…that is why I decided to dedicate most of the blog to the issue. In fact I will test ideas and give you some clues how they work and how to blog about them. Here are some of them that will go […]

Testing Google Trends Blogging

October 26, 2008

Tweet After lots of consultation with my colleagues (with lots I mean 4-5 people:)) I’ve decided that I’ll go further with my idea about blogging according to current search trends on internet. What you’ll see next is testing with bizzArtic blog, where I’ll start with few articles about web business, wordpress and enterpreneurial tips (thats […]

Blogging About Hot Trends

October 24, 2008

Tweet Wouldn’t be nice if you could read a blog about current trends on your topic of interest? Let’s say that your point of interest is science and you are interested what is currently hot in this field. Did you know that currently the most hot trend hereis Coltan? Now wouldn’t be nice if you […]

I Love Google => I Hate Google

October 10, 2008

Tweet I think Google is really a remarkable company that revolutionized the way I personally percieve the whole world. It opened so many business opportunities that becomming a web programmer became ridicously easy. But there are some pitfalls that in my opinion totally break the whole conpet of making money as a result of valuable […]

Google Project 10^100 (10 to 100)

September 24, 2008

Tweet Today, Google announced Project 10^100 on their official blog.  The company is gathering ideas for projects that have the potential to change the world and help as many people as possible, thus they named it project 10^100 (pronounced “ten to the hundredth” or “10 to 100”). Google is set to select the 100 best […]

Advertising with AdSense

September 16, 2008

Tweet Today I just updated my advertising space with Adsense. If some of you are interested, it took me just one day to get approval from Google, otherwise everything took me about 5minutes or even less. As I am new to this, I did not know where to place my ads to get the best […]