Every Blogger is an Expert Nowadays

November 13th, 2008

I don’t want to criticize anyone particularly but more and more blogs tend to sell you their expertise they never possessed. Even I get carried away sometimes and try to give you advice about blogging tips I myself have to learn actually. Yet, I try to reference my findings but some guys out there just sell you unproven concepts they might adore at the moment.

What bothers me the most are people that pretend to be experts from certain field of interest (entrepreneurship, design etc. ) and actually want to sell you their courses eventhough they never stepped into office before. I mean, WTF?…they probably like what they blogging about but to sell dreams instead of proven knowledge?

Why bloggers pretend to be experts?

It sells and it sells big time. Everyone wants to be guided in one way or another, bloggers know that so they will teach you everything you want. Doing that they might also learn something in between,…so in some strange way they really become experts after some time.

Ċ½eljan you also try to give us expertise about blogging ideas and tips, what’s that all about?

– Yeah that’s true, but still I’ll try to test my concepts instead of providing ideas and tips as proven facts.


Before you digg stuff from bloggers (and I don’t mean digg.com itself) read their references if any has been provided. You can also google it if you want or just believe what you read. I don’t want to despise anyone becouse sometimes it actually is good to read blogs from authors that really like what they’re doing. Their advice could prove to be better than those from actual experts but in the end what is expertise? Professional background? Knowledge? or maybe passion and enthusiasm behind it?

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