I’ll Tell You a Secret: Blogging is Tough!

December 20th, 2008

When I first stepped into the amazing world of blogging I had big expectations, probably like many of you out there. I thought that writing good content comes naturally and so do people that read your stuff – I was so wrong. Nowadays when life is moving faster than ever before, nobody wants to read long novels and listen to frustrations of people out there. Every click has to spur action, buying software online has become a practical joke and making money from blogging is not an easy job anymore….thus I’ll stay as short and descriptive as possible and give you some useful tips on how to stay positive when blogosphere reality hits you in your face:

5 tips to make blogging easier

  1. Accept the fact that you probably won’t make any money from blogging, at least not in short-term.
  2. Be passionate about the topic you’re blogging about.
  3. Write in your native language !
  4. Don’t give up and keep it going if you really love what you’re doing.
  5. Be a celebrity 😉


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2 Responses to “I’ll Tell You a Secret: Blogging is Tough!”

  1. The long term is the key here. It does take time, if you made money quickly every one would have done it by now. Anything hard is worth doing.

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  2. Ana

    9 years ago

    Very true! Previously I thought that blogging was like working in the heaven, but when I’m faced with the fact that it’s not easy to generate visitors and I have to struggle with many obstacles, blogging starts to feel frustrating.

    However, now I start to calm down and go with the flow. This is not one-night job so I should not give up easily!

    Thanks – Ana

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