I’ll Tell You a Secret: Blogging is Tough!

December 20, 2008

Tweet When I first stepped into the amazing world of blogging I had big expectations, probably like many of you out there. I thought that writing good content comes naturally and so do people that read your stuff – I was so wrong. Nowadays when life is moving faster than ever before, nobody wants to […]

Choose WuFoo Instead of Cforms Plugin

December 16, 2008

Tweet This is no advertising tip or anything like that, I just hate Cforms plugin. It is a good idea to have this kind of freedom with your own forms but it’s soooo slow. I’ve been using it for ages and it did serve me good, actually I thought it did. After deleting it my […]

Every Blogger is an Expert Nowadays

November 13, 2008

Tweet I don’t want to criticize anyone particularly but more and more blogs tend to sell you their expertise they never possessed. Even I get carried away sometimes and try to give you advice about blogging tips I myself have to learn actually. Yet, I try to reference my findings but some guys out there […]

5 Strategies to Start a Blog

November 12, 2008

Tweet Now that I’m two months in blogging I can say that starting a blog is no longer as easy as ABC. Abandoned blogs are becoming very common nowadays. There are millions of them, actually most of them get abandoned just after they were created. Several studies indicate that most blogs are abandoned soon after […]

Don’t Trust a Guy With Glasses and a Suit!

November 11, 2008

Tweet I don’t know how your experiences go but day after day I meet these kind of guys and almost always they are prone to deceive you. Maybe that’s just me or you also have these kind of experience,…WTF? I have lots of friends that suit this description so it doesn’t really apply to all […]

Comment on my Blog,…Damn You!

November 10, 2008

Tweet * It might sound a little bit harsh,…Well, I’ve decided to force people to leave comment on my blog, It might work though;) * * So, why people comment? Lots of bloggers probably ask themselves (time to time) why people choose not to leave a comment even if the topic of interest is quite […]

25 Lessons Learned from Failure: Not Mine…Yet;)

November 9, 2008

Tweet If you watched a movie Batman begins (2005), you probably noticed when Thomas Wayne, Bruce’s father tells him: Thomas Wayne: And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up. It’s quite the same with blogging, if you take bizzartic.com for instance it’s not a fairy tail which I imagined […]

Why Am I Blogging?

October 24, 2008

Tweet Yesterdy I got the best feedback ever and it really got me thinking about my journey with this bizzArtic blog. Till now I really didn’t have any serious strategy to get me going but now ideas are just ‘poping’ out. So what happened? – My mentor, who recently helped me to graduate, gave me […]