4 Ingredients of Successful Blog

November 20th, 2008

As you probably know right know, blogging is hard business so don’t take anything for granted. Becoming a successful blogger is not as easy as many think so keeping focus on mainstream problems is very difficult. Thus I’ve done a short study to find out which are top ingredients that make a blog successful:


What you type is still one of the most important things you do when you blog. Actually it is the most important of all four ingredients but still depends heavily on each one of them. The basic purpose of blogging is about its content so try to focus on your words and concentrate on quality.


If you don’t have looks than your content makes no sense. Still, don’t mix great design with beautiful one as it’s not the same thing. Great design is also usable as beautiful may overlap good content.


Faster is better and with little errors as possible your site becomes a winner in not time. So how slow is still tolerable? If your initial load time for first time visitor doesn’t exceed 5-8 seconds on normal 1mbit connection than you’re OK. Still faster is better and faster you get better you are.


This ingredient is not at least important (as it’s placed on last place) moreover it is probably just behind great content. Of what use your blog is if nobody can read it? Thus optimizing your blog visibility to search engines is crucial if you want to spread your word to the masses.

Have to say that all ingredients are not worth anything if they don’t complement each other. Invest your time equally in all of them and you should be fine. Otherwise be a celebrity and none of this is important:)

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5 Responses to “4 Ingredients of Successful Blog”

  1. Berkin McFlerkin

    15 years ago

    your title – 4 Ingredients of Successful Blog | Blogging Ideas from BizzArtic – caught my eye on the google blogsearch. Tahnks for writing this, I’ve added bizzartic.com to my reader, and will look forward to your next post.

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  2. juffan

    15 years ago

    terimakasih atas tulisannya, saya akan perhatikan tentang hal itu.

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    • Linda

      14 years ago

      Would you mind translating if you can, what you said into English! I’m curious to know what it means! Interesting language!
      Linda in NYC

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  3. fromtheold

    15 years ago

    Totally. Sometimes people get everything right but the design, Good design can take a blog far.

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  4. breammawefe

    15 years ago

    Thanks the author!

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