Enkelt – Total Design Control

March 10th, 2010

After a couple of weeks of silence, I’m proud to announce my latest and as usual, my greatest release to date – Enkelt. I can’t describe enough how powerful this theme is. You have a full control over site layout, typography, colors, borders and overall design control is simply amazing. Lets throw in true hooks system that allows you to edit one file and control all functions across the theme, without ever touching core theme files.

You’re practically in control of all site layouts and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to adjust the design to your own taste. Theme looks amazing by default, but with your creativity involved it has potential to become a simple personal blog or an advanced corporate site.

Why Enkelt?

This theme comes out of the box, so you may publish your shiny new look in the matter of minutes. If you are aiming for top quality and best SEO available you’re at he right place. If you’re a theme developer, looking for a flexible WP theme for your next project, you’re more than welcomed.

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Total Design Control

You’re able to design your site just as you want – all from the neat theme options panel. Control all colors, images and even typography with just one click.

Enkelt Design Control from Željan Topić on Vimeo.

Integrated PrettyPhoto light-box script

All images and Flash videos pop out in a beautiful light-box window. To configure this option, just enable PrettPhoto script, everything else is handled automatically.

Looped Page Content Slider

Integrated jQuery slider with number of options to set up your slider: auto slide, auto height, optional fixed height, button height configuration etc.

AJAX Login Form

Fully customized Ajax login form that enables your users to log in from front page, displayed in any navigation menu. Translate it, add your own image in form header and redirect users to site of your choice.

Featured Content Boxes

If you need to present more information about your company, you have option to put it into 4, WYSIWYG editable content boxes.

Total Branding Control

If your purchase Agency theme package, you have option to totally control the theme branding: add your logo into footer, control back-end branding and even rename the theme if you like.

Dynamic Layout Engine

You have an option to arrange your layout modules the way you like and to exclude unimportant module blocks that don’t fit your needs.


10 Responses to “Enkelt – Total Design Control”

  1. Niko Mäkelä

    14 years ago

    Superb work, Željan! I think with Enkelt you pretty much perfects the business-theme design you started with Berita, once upon a time. This is sweet.

    Does Enkelt allow also blogposts to be featured in the slider? I was using Berita 1.6 earlier and found out that I would like blogposts in the slider even more than pages, so had to switch away. It may be an odd request, but I don’t think I’m the only one hoping for it. Is it in this theme? If not, please include it in your next business theme, thank you.

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  2. Željan Topić

    14 years ago

    It doesn’t allow blog posts by default, but with a few tweaks everything is possible – if you need further assitance with this, please post a support request in Berita Pro forums or send PM via forums.

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  3. SuperMario290

    14 years ago

    God damn Željan you did it again with this theme. Super clean and allows the content to come first with a nice elegant design to top it off. Easy to customize and a ton of features (as is characteristic of your themes 😉 ).

    Right now I don’t have any criticism but I’ll sleep on it and see what I could think up for you lol. Keep up the great work!

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  4. marc

    14 years ago


    Very nice theme. I would like to know if there are many differences between the free version and the premium (I know the SEO is better).
    I am looking for a personal theme and free if possible but also a flexible one.

    I am downloading it now, I really like it.

    Thank you,

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    • Željan Topić

      14 years ago

      Total SEO control
      All options available
      Support Forums Access
      Full Layered PSD file
      Total Design Control via Design Options Panel
      Total Branding Control (front-end credits & back-end credits)

      Hopefully, this encourages you to join our community 😉

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  5. WordPress Master

    14 years ago

    Can i turn off an ajax?

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  6. WordPress Master

    14 years ago

    Ok, thank you, I found a way (with some additional coding).

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  7. WA

    13 years ago

    Tell me what are the limitations when using the free theme? Less functionality?

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