Your Favourite Icon Now in Igloo

January 15th, 2009

Igloo theme got yet another update, my god it’s version 3.2 already :0 As always some now features were added but it is mainly just an update from last release. I focused on your feedback, eliminated all reported bugs and some other fixes I encountered myself. Most notable new feature is ability to show your favicon in modern browsers, if some of you don’t know what that is, visit this site.

Here is a short summary of new or updated features:

  • Custom Read More Text (on homepage it is usually seen as Read more…, Read Full Post… or Read On…)
  • Custom Favicon.ico (small icon to show up in modern browsers)
  • Transparent Images in Internet Explorer (just ad -trans to your .png images, example logo-trans.png)
  • Feedburner Feed Server choice in drop-down (if you transferred your feeds to google you can now change server for your feeds)
  • New Dark Black style
  • New Dark Green style

Other fixes:

  • Search results title fix
  • Custom templates fix (Please note: if you have any igloo custom templates, please update them by choosing a right template again )
  • Author pages fix
  • Image Gallery template fix (now displaying last 24 images)
  • Left image align in posts fix

And as always delete your old igloo theme files before you upload new one – you won’t lose your previous settings!

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4 Responses to “Your Favourite Icon Now in Igloo”

  1. monk

    15 years ago

    Hi Željan!
    I have already localised on Russian your news version Igloo (v3.2) and have established(installed) to myself on a blog while all works normally. Thanks you for your work. Respect.

    Русифицированную версию Igloo v 3.2 можно скачать у меня на блоге

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  2. Fujianto

    15 years ago

    Is there anyway to make the length of each box have the same height? I mean, the box where our post appear..
    because, I love the magazine style…
    please fix it on the next version..make it Automatically have the same height..even the post is longer or shorter..
    I’m waiting for it..

    oh yeah, one last request…
    can u make footer on Igloo theme?
    I need that…
    thx 4 ur attention..

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    • Željan Topić

      15 years ago

      I’m not sure I fully understand what you mean. Post boxes are not supposed to be the same height, I think it’s ok the way it is now. If you have any specific problem please contact me:

      And what did you mean by:”can u make footer on Igloo theme?”

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