Igloo Theme now Simple, Clean…and Better Than Ever Before

January 27th, 2009

Here is yet another Igloo Theme release and as always it’s much better than its predecessor, in this case v3.2! Update is quite significant but most of changes are done in code so you might not see how much work was behind it. I think that this will be the last major update (for some time now) as I’m working on new theme that should also rock – Inuit Types.

Here’s the change-log from previous version:

  • * archive.php – Redesigned Results
  • * header.php – Redesigned Feedburner support
  • * index.php – No image arrow before ‘Read Full Post…’
  • * functions.php – Total Redesign
  • * No ‘Read Full Post…’ in ‘Boxed Full’ format
  • * Deleted Green Black CSS skin
  • * Dropped First big letter in single posts
  • * CSS clear before the end of each box
  • * Updated SEO – better structure of page/tag/category/post titles
  • * Updated typography
  • * Re-programmed Sidebar Tabs
  • * Clearer CSS design (better shadowing, clean page names etc.)
  • Pagination support
  • Header / Footer scripts in admin
  • Select pages/categories to exclude/include now super simple
  • Custom CSS stylesheet for custom user preferences
  • Comments now include edit option for admins and moderators
  • Added RSS link for search terms and tags
  • Integrated Popular Posts in Sidebar (no plugin required)

Demo | Download

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58 Responses to “Igloo Theme now Simple, Clean…and Better Than Ever Before”

  1. monk

    15 years ago

    Hi Željan! Has downloaded new version Igloo, I will look. The demo – does not work.

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  2. charles

    15 years ago

    i love this theme. would be cool to have it set with three columns and a footer widgets…Just a thought lol

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  3. Sham

    15 years ago

    Very nice one..Pl tell me to setup the theme..How to use Thumnail post,featured post

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  4. Sham

    15 years ago

    i saw that post..Unable to find out how to insert thumbnail to post pl help me out to do it..

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  5. Sham

    15 years ago

    Got it thanks 🙂

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  6. CMS Themes

    15 years ago

    Well done on the theme mate, I’ve listed your theme to http://www.cmstheme.net/theme/wordpress/igloo.html

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  7. CMS Themes

    15 years ago

    Thanks for the reply.
    I’ve listed IsoTherm to CMSTheme.Net several days ago http://www.cmstheme.net/theme/wordpress/isotherm.html

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  8. Allpa

    14 years ago

    Magnificent theme – thanks!
    Long searched for an ideal and at last has found “Igloo”:))

    But there is one small problem: in the table on the right (there where Popular, Featured, Comments and Tags) at me all is deduced in one column.
    Look, please, at my blog: allpa.ru/

    I do not understand, why it has occurred and as with it to consult…: (

    Help, please!

    I ask to excuse my bad English – I live in Ukraine, I use now a translation program.

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  9. Allpa

    14 years ago

    Really nobody will help me? What to do… :((

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    • Željan Topić

      14 years ago

      One user reported a bug recently regarding your issue: if you don’t show the futured articles in tabs this don’t work properly. you can test it yourself deactivating “Display Featured Posts” in igloo news options > homepage options.

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  10. Allpa

    14 years ago

    How I can change contents of tabs? Whether it is possible?
    For example, instead of “Popular, Featured, Comments and Tags” to make “Random Articles, Popular, Comments and the Statistican (the text block that in it it was possible to show buttons of various counters) “?


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  11. Allpa

    14 years ago

    Or simply to replace the tab “Featured” on “Random Articles” – help, I beg, to make it! Help!!!

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  12. Pateador

    14 years ago

    Hi, if you don’t want the resized images of the home posts in the full post box, how can i do that?


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  13. Alaina Frederick

    14 years ago

    Hello. I’m having issues with the custom fields image to work. Some posts I can get them others they do not work. Is there a known bug?

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  14. jennifer

    14 years ago

    Hi Željan!

    How can i mix up, boxed-multiple with boxed-single, I want to show 5 single posts then multiple! thanks.

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