WordPress 2.8 + BizzArtic Themes = Perfect Harmony

June 12, 2009

Tweet Today, I updated my last theme, Igloo, to new version of WP, 2.8 Baker release….thus all bizzthemes are working fine with newest release of WP – now go and update when you’re ready: Berita v 1.5 – Demo | Download (updated) IsoTherm v 1.4 – Demo | Download (updated) Inuit Types v 1.8 (remains […]

Igloo Theme now Simple, Clean…and Better Than Ever Before

January 27, 2009

Tweet Here is yet another Igloo Theme release and as always it’s much better than its predecessor, in this case v3.2! Update is quite significant but most of changes are done in code so you might not see how much work was behind it. I think that this will be the last major update (for […]

Breaking News in Igloo Theme

January 2, 2009

Tweet Today, new Igloo theme has been released, it’s version 3.1 now! Another major feature was added, Breaking news option and some other enhancements + bug fixes. Breaking news are quite complex and I’ve had lots of headaches over this feature. Posts that are labeled with ‘breaking news’ category appear in 3 steps: Small Alert […]

Igloo News 3.0 Released

December 28, 2008

Tweet Finally after few weeks of tweaks new version of Igloo came out. My main focus was on standardization of all elements, thus I’ve validated all my code (W3C) and made it compatible with WP theme requirements. I could take it to their repository but I’ll still wait a bit to get some feedback from […]

Igloo News Updated to Version 2.1

December 19, 2008

Tweet This update is again quite significant. Some pixels were fixed and no bugs as none was found. A really big update was done on design, which has changed on all theme skins, it is now more SEO and user friendly. Typography has changed to >font-family:Georgia, Times, serif< on all major areas and now has […]

Igloo News Updated to Version 1.0.3

December 7, 2008

Tweet I made mistake with my last version, it is no major bug or anything, the problem was with style switching on front page. As I use the same release in my demo version I forgot to delete some useless style-switch drop downs and feedback link in released version 1.0.2. You can delete this manually […]

Igloo News Updated to Version 1.0.2

December 5, 2008

Tweet There were no major fixes, just some minor changes in style.css and orher template files to correct layout for few pixels. I tend to be perfectionist and those pixels bothered me for some time – now space between containers is fixed. Other major changes were made to Google Analytics Settings. I removed it alltogether […]

Igloo News Theme Released

November 30, 2008

Tweet Finally after weeks of work I’ve put together my first wordpress theme with all the premium features you can imagine. Also there is a support guide that helps users find info quickly and easily….And best of all it’s FREE. There are no hooks or anything, I’m just doing it to enhance my online presence […]