Pricing to Choose for my Professional BizzThemes?

November 4th, 2009

My BizzThemes platform is shaping up nicely, not as fast as I’d like to, but still at lightning pace. I’m currently very busy with commercial projects so I develop it in the meantime, but I still hope to release it as soon as possible.

This post, however, is dedicated to pricing structure for my bizzthemes – which is pretty hard to define, so here are some of the options I’m still considering:

  • Having pay-per-theme pricing + club membership option (monthly subscription)
  • Only club membership option (monthly subscription)
  • Only pay-per-theme option (one-time fee)
  • Only club membership option (yearly subscription)
  • Pay-per-theme option (standard support included) + developer support as a bonus

What I came up with so far (click to enlarge)


I’d appreciate your suggestions as well …

5 Responses to “Pricing to Choose for my Professional BizzThemes?”

  1. Naren Ubi

    14 years ago

    I suggest you stick with just three options
    1. Yearly subscription
    2. Pay-per theme
    3. Developer license

    Too many options will confuse the end-user. Keep it simple and refined! All the best!!

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  2. SuperMario290

    14 years ago

    I agree with Naren Ubi on this one. Refine it to as little options as you can, but that they still can appeal to almost everybody. As for pricing, I guess that would be completely up to you. I mean, people are now making professional, beautiful wordpress themes for a mere $20/year (eg: elegant themes).

    I would say that you should keep the price cheap, because if people like the cheap price, and you get more sales because of it, that’s potentially more money coming in. As for prices though, I guess it depends on what you think your work is worth. 🙂

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    • Željan Topić

      14 years ago

      Pricing is tough to set but I have no intention to cope with elegantthemes and need some decend amount of income to fuel theme development. I have really a lot of innovative ideas that need to be implemented so my themes will eventually become full CMS solution > out-of-the-box, no plugins needed. That, however, doesn’t mean I’ll set prices as high as WooThemes for example but not as cheap as ElegantThemes either.

      Still, tnx for your feedback, I will try to simplify pricing structure as much as possible.

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  3. Bart

    14 years ago

    Maybe you can turn the question around and think of what you want to offer: pay-per-theme with standard support or would you like to sell yearly subscriptions with “personal messages” (wondering a little what the difference will be between “forum support” and “personal messages” – might be your response time).
    It might be necessary to offer attractive pay-per-theme themes at an attractive price to generate traffic.
    I guess you’ll have to find out what price will make you happy and sell best – cheaper themes -> more sold -> higher income or higher price with great support – loyal costumers -steady income?
    Your theme picture looks good, but I tend to agree with comment 1 as well to make it as clear and simple as possible.

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    • Željan Topić

      14 years ago

      Bart, tnx for your reply, I will try to simplify pricing scheme, … but as said above I’ll need to generate income high enough to fuel development I’m aiming for.

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