5 Premium WordPress Themes Worth Buying

May 25th, 2009

I’ve decided to list some of themes that are in my opinion worth their money. Generally, I don’t like the premium concept as it breaches WP GPL rules but theme authors need to earn something to keep up with their work.

  1. Thesis Theme | DiyThemes | by Chris Pearson
  2. thesis-pscrn

  3. Papercut | WooThemes | by Liam McKay
  4. papercut-pscrn

  5. Foreword Thinking | WooThemes | Mark Forrester
  6. fwdthinking-pscrn

  7. Pure Type | Elegant Themes | by Nicholas Todd Roach
  8. puretype-pscrn

  9. Abstract | WooThemes | Veerle Pieters
  10. abstract-pscrn

Obviously, most of the work comes from WooThemes, so it’s maybe good if you join their club membership to profit from future releases, though I’m not happy with their recent work. From all themes I’d pick Thesis Theme as most powerful and one I’ll probably use for my own blog in future.

P.S. Links from this post are not affiliates so this is my full objective view.

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6 Responses to “5 Premium WordPress Themes Worth Buying”

  1. Keshav

    14 years ago

    Nice List, bookmarked.
    BTW, All themes at ElegantThemes are designed by Nicholas Todd Roach

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  2. Joel

    14 years ago

    Great collection and Thesis theme is one of my favorite!! I’ve used it on my tech blog at TechnoBitez 🙂

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  3. KI

    14 years ago

    What is your take on the free framework by Ian – Thematic or Justin’s – Hybrid?

    Love your themes by the way and wouldn’t mind some customizing so let me know when your payment features are online.

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    • Željan Topić

      14 years ago

      I’m not a big fan of it,…I love the idea but I still think if you take very advanced theme and customize it to suit you needs, outcome is far greater than using standard “nothing special” frameworks.

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  4. Wynell Pradhan

    12 years ago

    only one of the finest 5 Premium WordPress Themes Worth Buying I discovered until now

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