BizzThemes Launches, Businesses & Freelancers Welcomed

January 11th, 2010

After tons of hard work, sweat and tears, is finally here. I have to say I’m really proud of it and love its simplicity of use & quality it offers. I’m sure business users and freelance WordPress developers will love it as themes are really SEO powerful and ridiculusly easy to customize. Backend is polished to perfection and will only get better when platform evolves.

Why BizzThemes?

  • Advanced Theme Options – Options video tour
    With BizzThemes you can create perfect layouts, translate themes into any language and customize your designs in minutes. Options will give you control over all site areas so even if you’re not a coder, you’ll easily handle all site areas without stretching your legs.
  • Complete SEO OptionsSEO video tour
    BizzThemes offer advanced in-post and general SEO controls, with no need to install any other WordPress plugin. Search engine optimization one of our main goals when designing and coding new themes so rest assured your business will be visible online.
  • Amazing SupportSupport video tour
    We provide well documented code and detailed installation instructions with every theme released. Besides video tutorials experts will be glad to assist you in our support forums when you’ll feel need for more help.

On this occasion I’d love to invite you to purchase our first theme, BizzFolio or jump aboard our club membership – we promise at least one new theme per month and top quality releases in future. Innovation, SEO and usablity of design is our primarily goal so you won’t be disappointed 😉

Don’t miss Special Club Offer: Save 50% off your first month when you use coupon code BIZZCLUBSPECIAL.

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4 Responses to “BizzThemes Launches, Businesses & Freelancers Welcomed”

  1. SuperMario290

    14 years ago

    Yeah I checked the website a couple days ago and saw that it was up. 😀 Congratulations on the website and everything, can’t wait to see more themes coming out!

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  2. Tim

    14 years ago

    I must say I have found your free themes to be the best I’ve seen: solid framework, admin options page with translation options, custom css file and good comments and code. sure some others look nice, but somehow broken or lacking flexibility.

    bizzthemes are an evolved version of the free ones and, building upon the solid foundation of your free samples, are worth to be paid for.

    I do, however, wonder how you see your themes against thesis, frugal and headway, which all have superb support, good pricing and headway even a front-end wysiwyg editor.

    you must know these themes i assume, and im sure you have some idea how you are different from them. it might be good to do a comparison table later on.

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    • Željan Topić

      14 years ago

      How are bizzthemes different? I’m really glad you brought that up as I have nothing to hide and firmly stand behind my work and know that my customers will only get the best quality available. Unfortunately, I’ve only heard of Thesis, other two premium themes are new to me (headway looks pretty cool though). Thesis in my opinion has the best SEO available but my own bizzthemes have all the SEO features Thesis has so I don’t believe BizzThemes framework lacks performance in this field – SEO will only get better with every new release.

      How would I position bizzthemes? Probably somewhere between Thesis and WooThemes, using the best pratices from both to implement them into business WordPress themes. SEO from Thesis and best design practices from WooThemes. Difference from those two is that I only develop usable designs and always follow best usability practices instead of decoration. Beautiful website is worth nothing without proper content, that needs to be put into right place.

      BizzThemes main competitive advantages:

      • – Modular Design – instead of pure hooks and filters users only modify one module that is then included however user specifies.
      • – SEO on pair with Thesis with additional automated semantic features
      • – Agency package support through private messages
      • – At least one innovative feature with every new release
      • – 2-year experience from working directly with WordPress dev service clients

      I understand it’s hard to compare regarding the fact only BizzFolio theme is available at the moment. However, rest assured I won’t give up and settle for being great, Great just isn’t good enough 😉 … If I didn’t win you over, send me an email and ask anything else you might want to know about bizzthemes.

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