My Plans for 2011

January 2, 2011

Tweet 2010 has been tough, but very productive and probably a major milestone in my career. I finished my regular studies for masters degree at faculty of economics and established online business that has become both profitable and enjoyable at the same time. I’m now able to invest a lot more into development and actually […]

Restaurant Pro – Theme that makes you Hungry

December 13, 2010

Tweet Now that new bizz framework is stable enough for further theme development, I’ve decided to release long-awaited Restaurant theme that is as flexible as site building gets. You’re able to create as many menus, galleries, sliders, blogs … as you want, even on a same page. Place them wherever you like and have fun […]

BuddyPress Failed after watching movie, The Social Network

November 7, 2010

Tweet Yesterday, I watched a movie, The Social Network, with my buddies. I’d say it’s a very good movie, especially for us – programmers, but very flawed as well. The screenplay was excellent, but portraying Mark as genius, just for coding a simple Friendster copy was a bit too much for me. I understand people […]

BizzThemes Evolution … into Marketplace?

August 13, 2010

Tweet As lots of people have contacted me after I’ve announced this new theme framework, I’ve decided to test the idea of BizzThemes as a marketplace for a limited amount of designers. The idea is to have all themes built on bizz framework, so that designers will only code the styling and other theme specific functions. […]

Igloo – Bizz’d Up

August 11, 2010

Tweet This month is all about news, so I’ve decided to update all of my News themes and pour more life into them. Igloo hasn’t been updated for a long time and now is the perfect time to do so. Theme has proven track record, with over 10,000 users and 2 years of active updates. […]

eConsultant – for Consultants and Professionals

July 5, 2010

Tweet This is 10th premium theme release and also the first one in series of niche themes, that will soon be added to my portfolio. From this release onwards themes will depend much more on widgets, rather than custom code blocks, that are difficult to modify and are not prone to multi-use. Theme has been […]

BizzCard – Your Business Virtual Card

May 17, 2010

Tweet I am proud to present the newest member to BizzThemes collection – BizzCard theme. If it looks simple, is easy to use and helps you create your website in less than 1 hour, our aim has been achieved. This theme is also the first one to fully support WordPress 3.0, even before its official […]

IsoTherm Bizz’d Up

April 26, 2010

Tweet Yet another of my old BizzArtic WordPress themes has been transferred to BizzThemes platform, where I’ll be able to continue with its development and offer support to its users. I tried to incorporate all requirements I received from users of old theme. Now it’s much simpler to use, has loads of new features and […]

BizzThemes v2 Launched, evolves into Social Network

April 20, 2010

Tweet I’ve been developing new BizzThemes social network for quite some time and after I received loads of feedback on its concept, it was time to develop the real deal. It came out really good and puts our customers support experience on a totally new level. Why Social Network? Support isn’t related to forums anymore but […]

Inuit Types – Bizz’d Up

March 31, 2010

Tweet After I’ve bizz’d up Berita, I’ve decided it is time to do the same for Inuit Types theme. This is really a great piece of work, so I couldn’t wait any longer to give this theme bizzthemes framework upgrade. Basically, theme is now really simple to use and has the best SEO incorporated. Take as […]

BizzThemes New Features

March 23, 2010

Tweet I have just completed and integrated the new framework and new features into all bizzthemes. As extensive development and innovation is integrated in every new theme we release, I through it would be good to inform you what has been done in latest few weeks. Rich Textarea Widget A lot of users submitted a request […]

Berita Pro – Bizz’d Up

February 7, 2010

Tweet Berita is the first theme to get a BizzThemes framework upgrade. A quick glance of old Berita theme download site shows that it is extremely popular within WP community. With today’s release of its major upgrade, we’re pretty certain you’ll appreciate the hard work put in. When doing this upgrade we wanted to keep a […]

Korporasi Business WordPress Theme

January 27, 2010

Tweet I’m very thrilled to announce my second theme release under BizzThemes platform, called Korporasi. It is my first one in our BizzThemes Indonesian theme series. Indonesian? Next couple of themes will be named with Indonesian names and include few elements inspired from great Indonesian designers. Why? We had a lot of great experience from working […]

BizzFolio BizzThemes WordPress Theme

January 15, 2010

Tweet After a while this my first theme released under BizzThemes platform and it’s a very proud moment for me. It looks pretty minimalistic and simple, which was the purpose – although it has really a lot of features that will not let you down when you’re eager to present your work professionally. Free Download […]

Post a Comment and Win a BizzFolio Theme

January 12, 2010

Tweet As I love competitions and the fact that best things in life are free, I’ve decided to give away 10 BizzFolio Standard Packages here at BizzThemes – consider this as a little gift from BizzThemes opening yesterday to our dedicated readers here at BizzArtic. The Rules Post a comment at this post and give […]